Why do you feel you don’t have time to floss?

Arthur N.
It’s less that I don’t have time, more that I feel like it’s not usually necessary. If I have something from dinner stuck in my teeth, yeah I’ll floss to get it out, but otherwise, I don’t really see the point. Logically, I know why flossing matters, but without seeing day-to-day differences, it’s hard to stay motivated to do something that’s not fun and not *immediately and visibly* helpful/apparent.
Adelinde O.
I always do. Flossing is essential for proper dental hygiene. I carry a floss in my briefcase and use it even after lunch. Meal stuck between your teeth for hours or overnight is a highway to caries and paradontosis.
Lori O.
It just seems like such a small task and like it doesn't matter, so I make excuses that I don't have to. But those excuses build up. Before I know it, I haven't flossed for a week! That's why I decided to add it to my Fabulous Routine. It really does help me remember.
Courtney J.
I keep waiting until it's the last thing I do before leaving. Tomorrow I'll try having breakfast earlier and flossing right after (I got my night floss in nearly every day)