How do I get better at flossing?

Vicki T.
Practice makes perfect, remember to floss everyday. Be sure to scrape against the tooth, not just force the floss between each tooth
Christine U.
Do it as soon as you finish dinner. Don’t wait until bedtime as you will be too tired and think it can wait until tomorrow. The only teeth you need to floss are the ONES YOU WANT TO KEEP! You can do this!💕
Ella U.
Practice and consistency! Also, it’s easier if you use a good floss. I like one that’s coated and is flight versus round.
Leah F.
The first step is to buy floss then after you brush your teeth you go in you teeth to get extra stuff in your teeth that your toothbrush missed
Kristen E.
Start with small steps. Floss two teeth a day.
You may want to floss more once you start. If you feel like doing more at that time you can do more. After consistently flossing add two more teeth to your routine. Before you know it you are flossing all of your teeth consistently.
Liva Y.
Firstly make it part of a routine. I brush, then floss, then rinse, always in that order.

Secondly, make it fun (yes really). It's boring, so I make faces at myself in the mirror or floss with my daughter.

Third, technique. Take a 20cm length, wrap around each index finger securely. Start in the middle of your two top front teeth and make sure you get every gap.

That's about it!

Eduardo N.
What I do is keep floss in my car! I buy the flossers and keep the bag in the middle console. Whenever I'm stuck in traffic or at lights, I use them. I just got my braces off and I also keep the little rubber type flossing sticks out (so they are visible) in my bathroom. Both of these items (imho) are easier to use than actual string floss. I carry string floss in my handbag, too. Try to remember that flossing is not only good for your teeth and gums, but also for your overall health. Happy flossing!
Jon U.
Everyone need to floss. To prevent bone damage on your jaw. To prevent infections, sinuses, headaches and more. Bad breath will keep your love ones and friends far away and so on. It is necessary to keep healthy gum and straight teeth. So, we eat 3 times a day, we should floss 3 times too with brushing.
Ma Wenn Z.
Make sure you get the right type of floss that works for you. Thin, thick, round, flat, with or without a pick and so on. Find your favorite – it will help you stick to the routine. And if you haven't flossed for a while just smell the floss you've used – it will make you want to remove that disgusting odor from your mouth.