Do you only floss between each set of teeth once, or go back over them a second time?

Maurit Nia Y.
I floss only once generally but I make sure to reach both sides of each tooth. If it is a space that has a lot of build up then I will go back and floss it again.
Louis T.
I use a water flosser, and it’s seriously the best purchase I’ve made for my teeth! Because of that, I wind up going over each tooth more than once, and from different angles. It also makes it SUPER easy to keep up the habit of flossing twice a day! I recently went in for my dental exam and my dentist was delighted with the health of my teeth and gums.
Eli P.
I've always been taught that once is sufficient. I also use a sonic toothbrush, which helps get the gum line and between the teeth. My best friend is a dentist. She highly recommends using a water pik for flossing, if you can.
Hans Werner A.
I go between each set of teeth once and slide back and forth a few times pulling each end of the floss in a v around each tooth on both sides (so back and forth on the right tooth from the space, then back and forth from the left side). If there’s food stuck between teeth I’ll go back over until it’s clean.
Tracey P.
I floss before and after brushing my teeth before bed, and before brushing in the morning. Additionally, when flossing before brushing in the evening: when it feels like a struggle to get the floss between the teeth – I go again between those teeth.

That being said: flossing once is better than never! The best flossing is the flossing that gets done 😉

after not going to the dentist for many many years, I finally went and found out I had 15 damages that were all due to not flossing. After that I’m extra careful. When I’ve gotten that all fixed (ive started it but it takes a while) I’ll probably dial it back to flossing only once in the evening and once in the morning – or something, we’ll see.