Does it help you to have the floss supplies right by the sink for easy access and at the fore front

Malou C.
I think having your floss right in eye view can be a helpful reminder when getting into the habit of flossing! I personally keep my toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and tongue scraper all in one place so I can easily find and grab what I need for my oral hygiene 🙂
Dylan C.
Not necessarily. I share a bathroom with 3 other people and I'm kinda a neat freak when it comes to my oral care. I keep it in a designated spot my room. It is out in the open and in a place that I can easily see it. I always know where it is and can easily grab it when heading out of my room to floss and brush.
Lyam Y.
No. I have it right next to my toothbrush in the drawer under the sink. I don’t want germs from flushing the toilet to get on my oral tools. That’s just disgusting.