Why should I floss???

Edna F.
So your gums don’t recede
So your breath doesn’t smell
And also as a preventative measure against artery plaque and dementia.

Andrea E.
Even though your teeth might feel clean the bacteria stays in the tight areas where teeth touch and in between. I had 3 cavity areas that were right next to the next tooth resulting in 6 teeth impacted. Wish I would have known how tricky teeth are to clean. Flossing IS NECESSARY!

Anna B.
You should floss to prevent gum disease & cavities. Flossing prevents plaque buildup and gets everything out of the nooks & crannies.

L Onie E.
Because it protects from gum disease. In the past month there was also some research that linked gum disease to Alzheimer's. This is what convinced me to start flossing.

Lara N.
Not only is flossing essential to your oral health-I.e removing plaque and bits of food from your gums- it’s also a form of self-cafe. Showing your body, even if it’s an action as small as flossing your teeth, the care it needs is essential for both your physical and emotional well being. In addition to this, many dentists say that oral health is an overal indicator of a person’s physical health; so the better maintained your teeth are, the less likely you are to experience cavities, gingivitis, or other health issues like uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease.

Donna S.
I have to answer your question with another question… Why is your smile important to you? Flossing helps protect your teeth and gums from gingivitis and tooth decay. It can cause your gums to bleed at first if you are not used to it but eventually you gums get used to it and you feel better and better about the task. Keep the positive feelings with you each time you floss and you will be unstoppable!