Does oral hygiene add to your overall health substantially? I feel like I read that somewhere.

Clayton Y.
Yes it does. it will affect your gut your esophagus and your intestinal health. It will also prevent stress from having to go to the dentist a lot.
Oscar E.
Yes, absolutely. If nothing else, it adds to your self esteem and mental health. Often people with untreated depression let their oral hygiene go.
Rhonda T.
Yes definitely if you plan to keep your teeth for the long haul . My dentist has a sign that says “ only brush the ones you intend to keep”
Also periodontal disease is time to cardiac disease
Zoe P.
I believe it will. This helps you keep on track with keeping your mouth clean. This helps you feel better about your life and that you know you shouldn’t have bad breath. The more you do this the better you feel. Also, you will drink more water this way also. It is a win win.
Vladislava Q.
When I floss my teeth, they look way better. I have less of a gross feeling in my mouth, and I look nicer, which makes me feel happier. So I think, yeah!! I added it to my night routine and have had a ton of success the last 3 months.