Which order should the three items be in: brush, floss, gargle?

Pierre P.
Floss first to get food out from in between your teeth, brush to get rid of all the stuff, including the things you just dislodged by flossing, gargle if you must.
Muharrem X.
The order these three items should follow would be as follows. To start we can choose between brushing and flossing, since they have a similar purpose that is remove the bit of food that are left in our teeth. One is oriented to cover the front and backside of the teeth, while the other in between. In what respect to gargle, that must be the last step. Mouthwash has fluoride which is intended to protect our teeth against cavities.
Marvin I.
I actually brush, floss, brush again, and then gargle. The second brush is to push my toothpaste in the areas that might have been blocked before I flossed. I dont use mouthwash that contains alcohol because it is my understanding that it’s bad for your gums. I actually use a fluoride wash instead. ☺️
Louise S.
Between brush and floss it doesn’t really matter, but gargle should always be the last one so it doesn’t get caught in leftover food, preventing it from acting in your teeth.
H Lo Se P.
Floss goes first in order to take out all those pieces of food still stuck. Then you brush to really clean and then gargle. I think.