Do you think flossing after lunch makes a difference or is evening enough?

Afonso henriques Fogaça
It may seem bad but I never flossed regularly until I started using this app. I have only been flossing at night and don’t think it would make a big difference if I flossed after lunch too. I suppose it would hurt though.

Arnold Butler
I think flossing after lunch would be better because the food particles between your teeth will not have efficient enough time to do any damage or to turn into plaque. Right now I only floss once per week, but I'm working on doing it daily. Especially because my teeth are already suffering and i do not have dental insurance.

Dorian Lucas
It shouldn’t but if u really want to then go ahead the cleaner the better but also remember to manage your time. I’d say that if you have time to floss after lunch then go ahead.

Lois Morgan
I think it is makes a difference. you feel more clean after flossing. Do it again at night before evening teeth brushing

Zoraide Ferreira
Floss when ever you need to. The more you floss the better chance you have of beating tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
And don't forget to use a tooth pick in conjunction. They help to get the worst of the gunge from your teeth.

Agathe Radloff
For me it depends I what I eat. Anything with seeds in them or fibrous foods, I would like to floss after. Something like liquids, yogurt, etc are not that big of a deal to me.

Daniel Christiansen
Plaque forms within 48 hours so flossing once a day is enough. You should never skip more than one day because by 48 hours it hardens into plaque and becomes impossible to remove by flossing alone. To build a habit of flossing it’s best to do it once every day.