How many times a week are you meant to floss for?

Leroy P.
Personally, I try to floss daily. Sometimes there are days I might forget to or just am too tired to bother. Flossing is important though, so I strive to do it daily

Sarah W.
My dental hygienist said that plaque hardens within 24 hours, when I searched this on the Internet I found that plaque hardens within 48 hours. I’m not sure which of the two is true.Therefore I floss at least every other day but try to floss once a day. I prefer to floss in the evening because it stops me from eating late in the evening since I feel like flossing is a lot of work 😉 But technically you can fly us anytime of day within a 24 hour.

Franziska C.
Dentists recommend twice a day, but honestly you only need to really floss at night BEFORE you brush. That way all the hard-to-reach gunk in your teeth is already loosened or removed, making it easier to give your teeth a deeper clean when brushing.

Augustin F.
Well, i am not sure i quite understand. I try to brush my teeth three times a day… At least twice. I floss every morning. Healthy teeth are so important!. Is this the right answer?