It doesn’t hurt your teeth to floss more than once a day, right?

Cemil I.
Definitely not, and if it did I'd suggest going to the dentist. Maybe try using interdental brushes if you're apprehensive, you can get the thinnest ones and it makes it quite easy.
Good luck!
Louise J.
Not at all! You should always practice good hygiene when it comes to your teeth! I worked as a dental assistant for a while and went to school for it too. You’d be amazed at how beneficial flossing and brushing your teeth to remove that gunk is for you and your dental health!
Florentino E.
The recommended is definitely once a day. I don’t know if twice is bad but I’d stick to nighttime flossing. Maybe ask your dentist though.
Johanne C.
Flossing is very good for healthy teeth. And I'm trying to do it every day. Maybe It seems to be boring but we have to do it for our health
Gilbert W.
It shouldn’t. You may have tenderness the first few days to a week if you don’t floss regularly. But you should floss at least twice a day. If you’re finding that it hurts, maybe opt for a water pik flosser. 🙂
Sol Ne Z.
Not in my experience. I’ve been flossing twice a day for years now. Maybe it did hurt at the beginning, but I don’t remember it.