What kind of floss do you like?

Emma S.
I use Bam&Boo floss. It's eco-friendly and comfortable to use. I actually have made a subscription to them, so every three months I get the floss and new toothbrushes for my whole family delivered directly to my home
Coralina Y.
The floss with handles is easy to use and makes flossing less painful! It needs to be thin floss to not be too hard to fit between teeth
Mathew W.
I don't like any floss. It's uncomfortable and kinda hurts to do. The little stick kind suck slightly less but the water pick is better.
Steve C.
I like to use the picks with the floss stretched on them. They are less messy and I can get to all the teeth areas better
Matteo Y.
I'm in love with Plackers twin-line floss, for as much as you can love floss. 😁 My mouth feels super clean after using!
Christian P.
The Teepee sticks – not too fiddly, or unpleasant feeling. Can be harder to get hold of – but so much more pleasant than those brushes!
Philip Z.
Superfloss! It’s got a fuzzy part that cleans around my areas of dental remodeling. But I also use waxed a lot of the time.
Livio Y.
I like to use floss picks. They're not ideal as they pollute and also move bacteria around, but I rude the string after each pick and they're convenient.
Anthony J.
I have very small gaps between my teeth, so I have to use very thin tape. I'm in the UK, Colgate do a great one, that doesn't get stuck, at all!
Alma F.
I like using woven floss, because I feel like it has a lot more surface area to scrub away as well as to carry away the sticky plaque that I’m flossing to remove.
Aurore O.
I don’t like floss as much as I like the tooth pick scrubby things. But if I had to choose a floss, it would be the minty kind. I do wish floss was more environmentally friendly though.