How do you remain consistent in flossing?

Elia T.
Keep floss in convenient locations, in the car, at work, etc. I also found that flossing in the shower was helpful in getting started.

Maelya E.
The truth is I’m horrible at. Which is why its one if my goals. And currently I’m motivated by the desire to check the box off in this app

Tyler O.
Even if i have to hit snooze or do it early, I make sure its the very last thing I do before i lay down to go to sleep at night.

Roger Z.
I’m like Nike- I just do it. If I’m in the bathroom I make an effort to not leave before I floss. The more you floss the easier it gets, so starting the habit is the hardest part.

Gisbert U.
I keep the floss out next to the tooth brush so it’s just part of the brushing routine. And I’m motivated because it’s so critical for gum health which promotes overall health and better breath