So which is best? Old fashioned floss or floss picks? Does it matter as long as I floss?

Roriz Z.
Floss stick. Easier to do so less daunting. Easier to get to the back of your mouth without scratching up your hand. More effective and cleaning the gums and reaching hard to reach places.
Roxane Y.
I don’t have floss picks so I can’t answer on this question from my experience. If you don’t have problems with regular floss, just keep flossing, otherwise try picks too.
Elio C.
I’ve been told by my dentist in the past that the old fashion way of flossing is still best because the floss pick is just reusing the same plaque covered string for all of your teeth, so it’s not exactly all clean.
Sherry J.
I like floss picks the best because they make it easier to reach all of my teeth. I asked my dentist which is best and she said both are good and whichever I’m more comfortable using is best.
Sofie P.
I prefer old fashioned as I am able to use as much as I like and I find it easier to floss in this manner. I find floss picks too restrictive and frankly quite wasteful.
Erik E.
It really doesn’t matter. The important thing is buying the kind you will actually use. The picks are more convenient and can even be used with only one hand.