Do you know the best method for flossing your tooth?

Paula B.
Insert the floss between the teeth. Always with a gentle movement donor slowly slides in. Once touching the flesh move around to clean. When done, DO NOT pull it out between the teeth. Slowly slide it.

Alan B.
Yes! Take the thread, put both ends together with a double knot and use your index fingers to pull the tied thread at the same time. That way you will give the tension it needs to make flossing easier and faster.

Diana T.
I just went to my hygienist, and she said to pull the floss down between each of your teeth as far down as it will go, then pull up. A swift motion. That pulls out the bacteria and food debris.

Cali N.
Make sure you eat power food to keep you awake and alert such as smoothie,chicken,bagel, something with PB,etc.
Hope this helps 😉 REMEMBER YOUR GOALS!!u I like using the picks

Tib Rio S.
I don't really know much about it or I could say mind if ever there's difference? For me, I just do the usual habit of flossing it.

Lora A.
I dont personally like dental floss. So I use intradental mini tooth brushes along with a thing called bryton pick (this is the 'English' brand of the same thing I have). Both intradental brushes and bryton pick don't have to be thrown away after one use (even better you can use it until you deem it unusable/stinky/dirty), you just clean them up with water, maybe a little bit of toothpaste if you want. It's a little bit more sustainable. Rinse up afterward and marvel at your clean feeling/tasting mouth.

David N.
I like to use the U shaped floss and tooth picks. Making sure i get in between each tooth with the floss, using the tooth pick where necessary, and going around my whole mouth twice

Christa Y.
Yes, you wrap the floss around your two middle fingers and use the thumb and index fingers to push the floss between your teeth. I usually floss the left side and right side of one tooth. I additionally use Meridol, a mouthwash, to remove the plaque and to keep my gums from bleeding.

Daisy S.
Floss for two minutes, twisting around the finger and then flossing between the teeth, preferably before brushing and after each meal.

Stefanie N.
Placing the between the teeth, scrape the floss against the tooth and up to the gum line as far as it will go without hurting yourself. Do this for both sides of the middle of each set of teeth.

Crystal X.
Fit the floss between the teeth by wiggling it in. Form the floss to your tooth and move it up and down slowly while wiggling it. Be sure to get around the tooth at the gum line. Repeat for all teeth. For hard to reeth back molars a sulca brush helps!

Alfredo R.
I like to start at the back and move to the front. Move the floss in a back and forth fashion. Also make little "c"s to get down into the gum.

Clayton E.
Floss after brushing your teeth. Wrap the floss around your two pointer fingers and pull it down between each tooth, moving it up and down along both sides of every tooth as you go. Then rinse with mouthwash.