Do you know the best method for flossing your tooth?

Paula B.
Insert the floss between the teeth. Always with a gentle movement donor slowly slides in. Once touching the flesh move around to clean. When done, DO NOT pull it out between the teeth. Slowly slide it.

Alan B.
Yes! Take the thread, put both ends together with a double knot and use your index fingers to pull the tied thread at the same time. That way you will give the tension it needs to make flossing easier and faster.

Britney X.
My dentist days good ol' floss is best, but dental plackers or a dental pik is fine too. Best to floss before brushing your teeth.

Britney S.
You take your floss and start with the very back teeth. Get both “sides” of each tooth. Move down your floss line with each tooth as well, you can always get more if needed. Don’t try to force it too hard or you can make your gums bleed

Diana T.
I just went to my hygienist, and she said to pull the floss down between each of your teeth as far down as it will go, then pull up. A swift motion. That pulls out the bacteria and food debris.

Stefanie N.
Placing the between the teeth, scrape the floss against the tooth and up to the gum line as far as it will go without hurting yourself. Do this for both sides of the middle of each set of teeth.

Jenny T.
I use both, interdental brush and floss. First I brush my teeth with a regular toothbrush. After that, I use the interdental brush. And last, use the floss between the teeth where I could not get with the interdental brush. It takes some practice to use both correctly but at the end, the result is worth it.

Erica Y.
I dont really know but what I do is back to front and top to bottom so the very back of your top teeth the move to the front in between each tooth and then same thing on the bottom

Mohammad Z.
Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers. Guide the floss between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion. Never snap the floss into the gums. When the floss reaches the gum line, curve it into a C shape against one tooth

Cali N.
Make sure you eat power food to keep you awake and alert such as smoothie,chicken,bagel, something with PB,etc.
Hope this helps 😉 REMEMBER YOUR GOALS!!u I like using the picks

Laura Lee N.
I used to never floss my teeth because they are very tight in some areas. Also I have a small jaw so it was hard to get my hands in my mouth. I recently bought a water flosser that you put the water into the handle, not one of the big ones with the water pipe that goes from the handle to the big container that sits on counter. I love using this and have made it part of my morning routine.

Tib Rio S.
I don't really know much about it or I could say mind if ever there's difference? For me, I just do the usual habit of flossing it.

Jenny X.
Honestly, I'm not sure anyone does 😂 Sadly, I have suck sensitive gums that, despite what dentists say, my gums bleed despite flossing… I don't use regular dental floss I have these little floss picks and I prefer them it's easier to reach the back teeth. I usually just making sure to do every space between teeth twice and rub up against the tooth in an angled motion. Sorry I'm not much help if you figure it out please tell me 😬

Logan Y.
Always clean between your teeth because the toothbrush doesn’t clean everything out. It gets the gunk out better than having a small piece of lettuce stuck in there. Always use mouthwash after because it cleans all the bacteria in your mouth so you can have a clean breath.

Angela U.
Remind yourself that between your teeth is most likely to collect debris, and cause decay.

Make it obvious: consistent, easy to reach, I personally don't like the disposable floss/toothpicks, but they're incredibly easy to use

Candice P.
The method I use to floss my tooth is not exactly a method. So I will floss in between most of my teeth, except parts where I have problems flossing. I make sure that the particular space in between two teeth is clean before moving on to the next space. Hope this helped!

Lora A.
I dont personally like dental floss. So I use intradental mini tooth brushes along with a thing called bryton pick (this is the 'English' brand of the same thing I have). Both intradental brushes and bryton pick don't have to be thrown away after one use (even better you can use it until you deem it unusable/stinky/dirty), you just clean them up with water, maybe a little bit of toothpaste if you want. It's a little bit more sustainable. Rinse up afterward and marvel at your clean feeling/tasting mouth.

Caroline W.
Dawg just put the floss in between your teeth it really isnt hard you're an adult just floss it doesnt have to be perfect doing literally anything is more than what 75% of people do

Lindsey N.
Do it twice a day at least. I tend to floss and brush 3-4 times, basically after every time I eat. I wrap the floss around my pointer fingers to get a good grip. I shimmy it back and forth between 2 teeth and I go up and down, side to side. Then I shimmy it back out.

Ross T.
The best method to floss your teeth is to get about 10 inches of floss, and wrap it around your finger untill comfortable. Then you put the floss in between each tooth and scoop out the food that is stuck. If you use floss pics, do the same but don't wrap it around your finger

David N.
I like to use the U shaped floss and tooth picks. Making sure i get in between each tooth with the floss, using the tooth pick where necessary, and going around my whole mouth twice

Crystal X.
Fit the floss between the teeth by wiggling it in. Form the floss to your tooth and move it up and down slowly while wiggling it. Be sure to get around the tooth at the gum line. Repeat for all teeth. For hard to reeth back molars a sulca brush helps!

Aaminah C.
You can use a clean thread and start brushing between your teeth gap in up and down motion. After you done then wash your mouth with mouth washer and then it’s done

Nina O.
A stick floss is better than a string floss, you can reach more places and it gets the food out better. Flossinflg with a but of tooth past help remove cavitys and tooth decay.

Maggie Z.
Yes floss between teeth at the gum level gently getting under the gum. Use the most naturally tested floss as possible as gums are linked to blood supply and you don’t want toxins entering the blood stream. Gently also work the floss up the edge of each tooth. Start at the back of the mouth and spend time with bottom front teeth as they collect a lot of plaque due to saliva’s impact on the mouth. Also pay attention to the side that is closest to the hand you use most. Top and bottom. Use two lengths of floss for each side or top vs bottom. Rinse and brush teeth after 😃😉👍🏼

Michelle N.
When you floss your teeth the goal is to floss each tooth twice. After you push the floss in between a tooth you will pull down to the right then again to the left. In and down right, in and down left. Do not move the floss back and forth between your teeth because this can damage your gums.

Claire N.
Lift the floss up one side of your tooth to the gum, then move inwards and outwards then down the other side of the tooth. Repeat for all teeth. Open your mouth as wide as you can to get to the back teeth.

Axelle T.
I use those little brushes instead of floss because it gets stuck as my teeth are really close together. Much easier and you can get toothpaste right up in there!

Ava V.
Yes. Take your time and gently floss within least ¾ of the teeth gap so you don't hurt the gums but can take the food stuck in between your teeth easily.

Leila O.
I actually have no clue. I’ve used both string floss and the ones that are like sticks and I noticed that the sticks make my gums bleed more. So maybe the string floss because it’s more gentle and because theirs more of the actual floss?

Alexandra S.
Thank you for messaging me! The best method for flossing is to first off have dry hands (that way you have a good grip), and next you can wrap the floss string around your fingers so that you can get in between your teeth. Thus removing any excess food particles. Lastly in case there is to still be some food stuck in your teeth, you can simply brush them and that should do the trick. I hope that this is of any use to you.

Artemis C.
One tooth at a time, rinsing the floss as you go to make sure you’re not putting the plaque you just removed back between the teeth

Pamda Y.
I use an irrigator, that's the best option for me. It cleans better than the traditional dental floss and it takes less time.

Elise Y.
Not officially but no flossing is definitely the worst. There are picks, scrapers, string and water picks. For the most part i believe it's all about preference. I prefer the old fashioned floss string because of its compact nature and less impact environmentally. I've not yet tried water picks but it feels like it might take longer??? Finally I have heard that scraping should be reserved for dentist visits because they know the right pressure and amount to scrape. Scraping on your own you might unintentionally damage your teeth.

Lilly P.
I just use the flosser picks and don’t have a problem with them. I don’t like having to stick my fingers in my mouth with regular floss. Also, the water flossers I hear are a really good investment and cause less pain.

Tierra J.
Get some coconut floss, wrap it around your index finger on each hand, then slide it in between teeth creating a U with the floss and the gap. Afterwards, unroll/rewrap the floss on each finger so that a clean segment of the floss can now clean anew space. Use more floss as needed.

Christa Y.
Yes, you wrap the floss around your two middle fingers and use the thumb and index fingers to push the floss between your teeth. I usually floss the left side and right side of one tooth. I additionally use Meridol, a mouthwash, to remove the plaque and to keep my gums from bleeding.

Riley N.
Best way is to make it easy for yourself.. so if using Floss picks are easier then winding Floss between your fingers, then go for it!

Daisy S.
Floss for two minutes, twisting around the finger and then flossing between the teeth, preferably before brushing and after each meal.

Alfredo R.
I like to start at the back and move to the front. Move the floss in a back and forth fashion. Also make little "c"s to get down into the gum.

Fiona N.
I personally find floss sticks to be the easiest method. It’s fairly quick and easy to use and a lot less mess and slobber than using the actual floss string, in my experience.

Mariam G.
First, you have to wrap the floss around your middle finger.
Pinch the floss between your thumbs and index finger leaving 1 or 2 inches.
Gently floss in between your teeth using a sawing like motion
Bend the floss towards the front and back teeths in order to clean both tooth surface.

Sarah O.
I like to use the placer flossers or the long ones with changeable floss tops. It makes it easier to floss and helps keep me consistent!

Clayton E.
Floss after brushing your teeth. Wrap the floss around your two pointer fingers and pull it down between each tooth, moving it up and down along both sides of every tooth as you go. Then rinse with mouthwash.

Naja Y.
Umm hold it in both hands, go up between two teeth, and then side to side along the top of the gap, then pull down. You can also look up YouTube videos from dentist offices!