How can I motivate myself to floss when I just want to go to bed?

Milica O.
Making flossing a part of your nighttime routine it will become more natural and easy to do. I mean if you’re already in the bathroom brushing your teeth, you might as well keep going and floss too. For those days when you’d rather not bother with the routine, think about how good it feels to tick the actions off (and swing that golden triangle).
Engelbert E.
I also get tired at night…long fay at work then family life. I would dirst have to say start with the commitment you made with Faboulous. I know they are small habits but they will turn into more after we conquer the little ones. It may help to just start your routine a little earlier. I hope this helps you.
Selma P.
Set multiple timers try to do it right after brushing your teeth also the more productive you are and feel you will want to floss more.set it as a habit in no time you will have to end up doing it whether you feel like it or not because you will not feel right.
Flavie Q.
Flossing takes less than a minute and can save your life. Gum disease is linked to heart disease. How many other things take less than a minute and can literally keep you from dying?
Ida U.
Live with a flosser. Bookmark an article about how it could save your life. Get fancy floss you like (Dr. Smart is my fav.) Envision feeling smug at the dentist when she says “wow you have very good hygiene”.
L Gia S.
Would you go to bed all sweaty and gross? Of you don't floss you might as well not brush your teeth, if you choose to do one or the other flossing is more important. Being long in the tooth looks gnarly and it will happen to everyone who doesn't floss, along with the bills that follow and Tom's of teeth decay. If you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend repairing your teeth and you love the look of refeeding gums, just get into bed and sleep soundly!! 😉
Annette P.
Because oral health is much more than keeping your teeth clean, or having pearly whites. Your oral health can effect the major organs and systems in your body. Knowing this encourages me everyday. But something else I have learned is that having those handy flossers makes it so much faster than the long piece of floss. Changing to those so that it’s faster will definitely help. You could even do it while walking from the bathroom to your bed. No time wasted!
Sharon E.
One thing that I use to help me is after I shower, i’ll leave my phone on the sink because i’m doing so, it forces me to go back in there and is a reminder that i need to floss.
Ryan Z.
Although crappy for environment (plastic), the single/few use floss picks might be something you keep a few of and when you’re not in the mood to floss, take one of those and floss in bed (or anywhere).
Tracy X.
Just do it! No floss, no sleep. Determination to complete all items in evening routine is important. Repetition makes tasks become second nature and easier to do.