Regular floss or picks?

Christina S.
Definitely regular floss. The picks are good and pretty convenient, but the extra plastic that has to be thrown away is really bad for the environment.
Martha Y.
I use regular floss but thats mostly personal preference, I feel like I can clean my teeth/gums better that way but I don't know if there's any actual difference.
Celino P.
Whatever you like and will use regularly. I use tape floss, a friend uses super thick floss. Whose is better? Technically, probably hers. However that thick floss is a hassle and hurts my fingers and teeth. Will I use it faithfully? Nope! So tape floss for me and my teeth are happier for it. “Perfection is the enemy of the good.”
Nicklas P.
Picks! I never understood how to use traditional floss, so the picks are the best. I also have braces and have to use special orthodontic ones.