Do you prefer to floss in the morning or evening?

Franz-peter Lüdtke
I prefer to floss at night because at night it is more likely you keep to your routine than the morning and you usually cut out some stuff in the morning to make time especially when your running late or have an unexpected event.

Isabelle Campos
in the morning. I like fresh and clean mouth whene I am at work, with other people. Moreover it seems that using dental floss can help to reduce stomach acid.

Elina Cardoso
What! Definitely the evening! Otherwise there has been food stuck between your teeth rotting away all night for all those extra hours. Floss at night, friend.

Barcino Martins
Morning, because I might be sleepy after a long hard day and I might just zonk out on my bed instead of taking the extra energy to floss.

Olga Menzel
For me it has to do with time of day I have the most time for myself. So it's the morning . Evenings are full with toddler routines

Brayden Watkins
I prefer in the evening, but once I form the habit of doing it everyday I'll do it both in the morning and in the evening.

Maria Christensen
In the evening. I feel better leaving my teeth clean for the night. I wake up in the morning and my mouth still feels kind of fresh.

Adam Pedersen
Unless I am eating in my sleep 😄 I floss before bedtime. Good oral hygiene, including flossing before bed is all my mouth requires.

Rachel Pierce
Evening, my mouth feels cleaner if I can get the "stuff" out of my mouth before going to bed. And of course, brushing my teeth after flossing.

Felix Sørensen
I floss in the evening, both because my morning routine is already pretty long (you know how Fabulous morning routines tend to grow if you try their journeys) and because I always assumed I was getting rid of matter that would eat away at my tooth enamel overnight (perhaps I got that impression as a child or from a dental hygienist somewhere along the line).

Toni Day
I like to floss in the evenings because in the morning I don’t have anything in my teeth like food because you sometimes brush your teeth before breakfast but if you don’t brush your teeth before breakfast then I would do it in the morning.