How much time do you spend brushing your teeth/flossing?

Vincent O.
3 mins brushing and 2 mins flossing approximately. I brush my teeth morning and at night. I do flossing before going to sleep.
Mikkel G.
I floss every time I brush my teeth AND whenever I feel something is in between my teeth. Depending on what I eat that's 2-5 times a day. Every time takes about 30 seconds, so that would be 1-2,5 minute per day.
I brush until my electric toothbrush turns itself of (after two minutes). Then I check with my tongue whether all my teeth feel smooth. When there's a section that's not smooth I'll brush that again. So every time brushing takes a little over 2 minutes. And that twice daily. So all brushing+flossing= about 4,5 minute + 1-2,5 minute= anywhere between 5,5 and 7 minutes.
Rodney E.
So I spend around a minute brushing my teeth and another minute flossing. Depending on the day this can sway if I am short on time.
Frederik Y.
I take 2 minutes to brush, 2 minutes to use Waterpik (both in the morning) and in the evening about 1 minute to floss with string.
Yasemin Z.
I use the timer on my fabulous app for teeth brushing which I believe is 3 mins— When flossing, I floss between each tooth and that’s how long it takes to floss, no overtime on flossing, don’t make things more difficult than they need be
Chad J.
I brush twice a day, morning and night, for two minutes. My toothbrush has a built in timer to help me keep track. I floss every night before bed. My evening oral hygiene routine takes a little less than three minutes.
Craig F.
My electric toothbrush (best $30 investment at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian CVS equivalent) has an automatic timer for 2 minutes, so I use that.

Flossing, I just mindlessly do it while watching something so maybe even like 3-5 minutes.