If you floss at least once daily, how many times per day do you floss? What time(s) of day do you tend to floss and why?

Adriana P.
I had braces growing up, so I have those annoying permanent wires behind my teeth. Flossing has always been a challenge for me. I try to floss before bed because it’s apart of my evening routine. I find that by adding it to the routine, I’ve been making the effort to not skip it. Right after my face routine and tea, I’ll floss and brush my teeth for bed.
Tag G.
Floss once, brush twice, Listerine after brushing. I floss in the evening after brushing before Listerine. Flossing in the morning feels like a waste of time since I’m trying to get my day started. Flossing at night is like taking time for myself – peaceful self care.
Marija M.
I’ve flossed more in the past 6 months than I have in my entire life since my dentist told me I had very early signs of developing a cavity. With that said, I floss once per day every day in the morning.