How do you get through afternoons when you run out of energy or you get sleepy?

Clifton U.
Go to sleep! As you become more active your body may become tired faster until you build the resilience. It’s not Ok to ignore your tired body. This is a great opportunity for your body to repair and rebuild. If you make yourself stay up, you may actually end up getting distracted and staying up later than expected. Then you actually loose sleep for the night!

Now, if this seems to be a recurring issue that you feel may not be normal (i.e. daytime drowsiness) then reach out to a pulmonary doctor which is a sleep disorder specialist. You may have sleep apnea, which is when you have difficulty breathing while you’re sleep. You may seem to be getting 7-8 hours of sleep but still wake up feeling tired because your body never had a chance to shut down with the Inconsistent breathing. Honestly you would never know and it is very common under times of stress. Good thing is, it’s easy to diagnose and even easier to treat!

Rufino W.
I have a small nap or tell myself if I stay awake for just a few more hours I can go to sleep early. Get better quality sleep if possible. If it continues make sure you see a doctor your iron might be low
Fabien E.
I usually will take a break and go for a short walk this is a really cool way of breaking the day up into smaller chunks and it forced me to wake up or doing something physical. Another thing that I like to do is use essential oil’s are use them often and so I’ll pick energy boosting ones in particular and use them in the afternoon or when I’m feeling extra sleepy to avoid having more coffee or something else with caffeine in it
Thea X.
Yes so often my bio rhythm is down in mid afternoon . I’ve actually found that a fresh fruit is a help- often an apple, so simple. And if possible a walk outside. If not then some kind of movement.