How do you get yourself to floss on those nights when you don’t really feel like it and would just like to get into bed?

Kirk F.
I will make sure I'm warm. Drink warm water because my bathroom is cold it's not that I don't want floss it's cause I'm cold. I will some times do it in bed with a compact mirror I would rather do a terrible job than not at all.
Dolores T.
I enjoy flossing a lot and have done it for many years, it takes 2 minutes a day and the benefits are great. Inexpensive too.
Jacob N.
To be completely honest there are most definitely nights when I feel the same. However once I started getting into habit of flossing every night my teeth have felt cleaner. To get myself to floss I make sure that I grab a string of it before I even brush my teeth. It also helps to keep it right with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Another thing to mention is that I currently have Invisalign and so I have to brush after every single meal so on days when I think I may forget I leave the floss with them. A great way to remind yourself until you get in the habit is to leave a sticky note on your toothbrush simply saying “floss teeth” I really hope that this helped with your problem and answered your question. Feel free to ask anything you need!😊
Marie Y.
My nightly routine is all stuff that’s done in the bathroom so I’m already there to floss and brush my teeth anyway. It’s sometimes annoying but I would rather take proper care of myself tbh
Melinda F.
I tell myself that it'll take less than 2 minutes and that if I do this consistently (every day), my health benefits from it big time. Or I tell myself that it's not an option not flossing and again that it takes less than 2 minutes.
Ella T.
It’s fun for me to floss especially when I’m able to take out those @)@“/ that will end up to tooth-decay. I guess there is satisfaction in it especially in front of a mirror
Alvin U.
I use the flosser picks and i keep one next to my bed. In case I'm feeling lazy about doing it before i get into bed, i can grab it off my nightstand and floss laying in bed. It leaves me no excuse not to!
Walburga X.
If I am already brushing my teeth, it's not a big deal to also floss. I also find checking it off the list on the Fabulous app to be helpful right now.
Albert C.
Honestly I don’t even give myself a choice. When I go to brush my teeth and wash my face, I floss while I’m there because it will only take a few minutes and will benefit me in the long run. For me the reward down the road is greater than than the 2 minutes I’ll save staying in bed.
Aurore T.
Sometimes I have the same dilemma. Once I wanteched a video showing the bactieria thst live among our teeth and gums, how they multiply overnight and affect gums and teeth. I motivate myself by remembering that video. If that's not enough, I watch this type of videos again to find new motivation. Also, when I'm tired, I still try to floss a bit of not throughly, and I say to myself that some flossing is better than no flossing.
Sami F.
That happens a lot. Honestly I just think about everything I ate that day and think “do I really want all that food stuck in
Alfredo S.
I set a time to go do all the face washing & teeth brushing/flossing I need to do. I make sure the time is before I typically get tired. If I’m coning hone late I go straight to the bathroom to do all this THEN get comfortable. If I sit down first I always decide to just skip it & go to sleep
Ljiljana R.
I hate flossing at night too. I do it in the morning – makes me feel like I'm doing a better job of getting rid of nasty morning breath.
Miguel C.
I remind myself that dinner remnants are still stuck between my molars and if I don't take the 2 minutes to floss now then those tiny pieces of food will put me one step closer to gum disease and painful cavities.