How do you motivate yourself to floss everyday?

David N.
It becomes part of my nighttime wind down. And I know I feel better,fresher and cleaner after I have flossed and brushed. It’s the time to remove the grit of the day
Gustav C.
I never thought I will have cavities I just assumed since I have a healthy teeth there is nothing to worry about until my nightmare become true and I had to fix them moral of the story it's way cheaper to floss and brush than paying thousands on something that could be avoided easily instead use these thousands of dollars on something that you actually need to pay debt or school loan.
Kim Y.
I first started flossing routinely during my freshman year of high school, and I actually noticed that my teeth looked cleaner and my breath smelled a little better. Every time I went to the dentist, the assistant would always say something good about my dental hygiene, which was also a nice bonus. I’m a little older now, and although I might not receive compliments at every dental appointment I go to, I like to think about good memories like that. Flossing is also sort of a symbol that you’re really invested in taking care of yourself, because for so many people it seems tedious and unnecessary.
Sander Z.
I think about my teeth and what they will be like if I don’t floss. I like having the outside and between my teeth clean.
Rose I.
When I go to the bathroom do brush my teeth I look at my teeth and Since I have braces I’m like Delaney you know you should so I do it. Even though it’s a hassle I do it cause I don’t want to have bad teeth when I’m older