How do you decide what journey to do next?

Alvin F.
I decide based on how likely it is that I will be able to succeed at it based on my current context and the demands of work and home life. For example, there is no point in my taking on an exercise journey if it's something I won't be able to commit to in the next couple of weeks.
Lisa Q.
I think about what habits I need to improve and fabulous just happens to have a ton of habits I need to improve on and more habits I never even thought of
Tom P.
Well there are couple of things I would like to work on, So maybe better to be consistent in doing small things until I actualise each of them as part of a beautiful life style I acquire
Dick T.
I’ve answered many questions here on Fabulous. This is by far the weirdest. I say this with love ❤️ and a smile ☺️

Listen to yourself. What do you feel like? And then decide, without hesitating .