Do you floss once a day or twice?

Lilla G.
I just started flossing. Had the same question to my roomie literally 5 mins ago. I thought I'd do it twice but now I think doing it only once a day before going to sleep makes more sense. My flatmate answered the same. He wouldn't even do it every day just couple of times a week. It's a bit scary that my gum is bleeding but he also said it is going to pass after a while if I do it regurarly. How about you?
George P.
Usually just the once. If you can over brush I'm sure you can over floss and I wouldn't want to damage my gums by being too aggressive by doing it twice q day.
Rene P.
Flossing once a day is sufficient according to my dentist. Occasionally if I feel I have things stuck I floss at specific areas to remove any "stuck" particles of food. I do tent to use mouthewash later in day and at separate times to flossing or brushing to keep fresh breath, especially in my line of work.
Walter U.
I only floss once a day, before bed. I guess I don't see the point in flossing after breakfast because I usually snack through the day. It makes more sense to me to do it once, after you've completely stopped eating for the day
Karl E.
I floss once a day. It's usually before I brush with tooth paste so that the fluoride gets to the gums. Also it's before I go to bed that way nothing is rotting in my teeth as I sleep.
Tiffany N.
I only floss at night with a water pik…and with regular floss once a week (usually on a weekend). I do, however, keep a roll of floss in my bag just in case I get a piece of popcorn stuck in my teeth 😊
Sharlene Z.
Twice: it is always better to keep your mouth clean so you can reduce the risk of caries and have a bright smile. Personally I wash my teeth three or four times per day, then after lunch and dinner I floss and also use the mouthwash (always twice a day). I hope I have been helpful
Marc J.
I used to not floss at all, but in the past six months I have been flossing once per day pretty consistently. I am trying to add flossing to my evening routine instead of morning also. Day two in a row DOWN!
Tiger U.
I floss twice a day. I've always tried to rush through brushing my teeth, and I used to never floss. However, when I remind myself to slow down, that it doesn't take that long at all really, it becomes easy. It's a simple way to remind myself I am worth taking care of, that I deserve to be healthy and clean.
Heinz Joachim F.
I don’t necessarily floss. I just brush my teeth instead. I used to do it once a day, although I knew once a day wasn’t enough. These days I do it twice. Maybe I should actually get proper floss and do it alongside the brushing.