Is it better to use traditional string floss or floss picks?

Michael S.
I prefer the floss and tape over the others as o feel I can get in all areas with it better than using interdental brushes.
Mikkel Z.
Floss picks. They make flossing the back rows of your teeth so easy. Just remember to keep an extra case of floss picks on hand so you don’t run out and can’t floss.
Tobias Z.
String floss is better because you can wrap it around your tooth – and by the way, my dentist says that flissing is MORE important than brushing.
Shane E.
I use floss pics but I do believe that floss string is better. I find a floss picks more efficient and quicker to use plus they’re less painful on the other hand floss strings are harder to use as they do a better cleaning job.
Lauren O.
Use both. Pick first and then floss.
It's not rocket science.
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