How do I wake up earlier? How do I stay in a good mood?

Hans C.
Set an alarm and get up when it goes off instead of snoozing. Your body will get into the pattern. Staying in a good mood is more tricky, practicing gratitude and celebrating something each day (however small) should help.
Karsten U.
Well, I wake up earlier by creating a morning routine that I’m genuinely excited by. Running has really done that for me! Every day I wonder what new route I’ll take or what I’ll be doing for my “rest” day (usually walking and enjoying outdoor time). I also tend to wake up earlier in the summer due to early morning light and birds singing. I may have to get a light lamp that acts as an alarm in the winter!
When a bad mood starts to settle in, I take some deep breaths until the anger or negative emotion dissipates. I concentrate very hard on the way the breath feels going in and out. I also ask myself “what is it really getting me by being upset by this?” The answer is invariably “nothing, in fact it’s harming me and my relationships.” I really think about that and let the question hang for a bit. Usually, I can talk myself out of a bad mood!
Susan J.
I prefer my alarm clock that lights up like the sun. It starts 30 mins before the alarm actually goes off and slowly gets brighter to kind of trick your brain into thinking it needs to wake up because of circadian rhythm and light’s effect on it. I also set multiple alarms that start a routine that I stick to. Plus going to bed around the same time each night will help to get your body to fall into a natural circadian rhythm and you might start waking up before your alarm! Your body will adjust to it and it’ll become easier