Until this app, the only time I would floss would be in the two weeks before a dentist appointment, or the one week after. Anyone else flossing for approval?

Lyna E.
There’s actually a weird movie with Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin and she inhabits the body of an elderly man and at the end when they switch back to their original bodies she asks the old man for advice and he says something like: “Floss. You only get one set of teeth.” Really weird, but I think of it every time and feel so much better if I just floss every night.
Signe C.
Yes i am. It felt really good on Monday when my dental hygienist didnt tell me that I needed to floss more regularly and mu gums didn’t bleed because I am taking better care of them by flossing daily
Gloria E.
Me too. It’s so sad that we only do certain things that are actually good for ourselves only for approval. I used to do it for my diet also.
Dorian O.
I grew up observing my father’s constant care of his teeth. He always flossed after eating, no matter whether it was breakfast or afternoon tea. And I just did the same. I’ve always flossed.
Freja C.
I also used to floss for approval until I needed extensive work done to try and save some of my teeth. I realised then that losing any of my teeth at this early age in my adult life will present me with lots of problems in my old age. So I got serious about it just over a year ago. At my last dentist appointment I only needed a clean, no repair or saving work 😃
Albert F.
This is not really the case for me with flossing. The day I saw my Dad cry from the pain of a root canal, I got scared enough to be better at flossing. I didn’t often do it on a daily basis but I got it done 4-5x a week! The days I’m in a hurry or tired, I use floss pick. Other days, I rely on the floss string. It helped me to get flossing into a habit.
Scarlett T.
I had the same challenge. Diet before doctor, floss before dentist, shave before big meetings-meeting social expectations is normal and cramming is very human. It changed with me for flossing after knowing that I needed to floss, committed to the change, stacked it after an existing habit (brushing teeth), and put the floss right with my tooth paste and tooth brush. By understanding the need, getting buyin, reducing barriers and stacking with something established has solidified this habit for me.
Marie Z.
I never used to floss on a regular basis – in fact my whole oral hygiene routine was non-existent – due to my depression.
Lison C.
I used to do the same. I am now flossing daily. Yesterday I had my dentist appointment and she said she could tell I do a good job at cleaning my teeth. I am happy the effort pays off. I really hate going to the dentist and flossing daily is the best way to prevent to problems. That’s my main motivation now.
Beatrice Q.
Yes actually I did start flossing . Haha even at work in the middle of conference calls lol. I hardly ever flossed before .
Aymeric E.
You should floss every night before brushing your teeth not just because you have a dentist appointment you should do it every night to create a healthy habit.
Johanne G.
I suggest listening to Dr. Gundry's explanation on the germs in your mouth which induce brain disease later in life…I ended up getting scared into flossing twice a day. Great medical evidence about preventative health care
Floriana N.
I once heard from a peer who has travelled a lot aroud the world, that the people from Costa Rica are the ones who cared the most about their teeth in the world… I am from CR, haha 🤭!!
Soooo I think flossing every day is terribly important for your mouth's health. 😁
If it's too difficult for you to keep up with floosing every day try al least doing it every 2 days before going to bed.
Also buy a floss with flavour 😀 that always motivates me!!
Silas G.
100 percent! Until this app I never flossed, now I have been flossing for 6 months 5 days a week and was so proud of myself! When I went to the dentist and was hoping she would be proud of me, she still lectured me on the two days I was missing and that it wasn’t enough! Oh well, at least I know it was a big improvement from a habit I couldn’t keep up to being consistent!