Do you floss morning and night or just once a day?

Layla F.
Just once a day. I floss at night to make sure my teeth are clean and all the food from the day is cleaned out and not sitting in my teeth while I sleep.
Sara C.
I floss in the morning as I don’t see the point flossing after sleeping, though I might floss more than once a day especially after a meal as it feels so nice and clean:)
Liam U.
I brush and floss at night. In the morning I only brush since I don't consider flossing necessary before eating anything.
Ross O.
Usually just floss at night but often after lunch, it refreshes my mouth and sort of resets things. Also floss as necessary if I’ve eaten something stringy. In fact I carry floss with me, it’s in my locker at work and in my travel amenities case. I always have floss! Also handy in case you have to do a MacGyver.(that has not happened to me yet)
Dursun A.
For the habit building process, I decided to tether flossing to my mandatory daily brushing. Also after meaty meals, or other food that tends to stick between teeth. I’m very paranoid about bad breath. Flossing and a tongue scraper made a world of difference.
Josh Y.
I usually floss often, but not everyday. Usually I floss every other day, but I floss twice a day on Saturdays and Sundays because I have more time.