Should I use floss or a water pick?

Ella U.
Faster the better I say! I have now been flossing fairly regularly with the small floss picks in the car or in bed while reading…gotta multi-task lol!

Storm E.
I have only used a water pick for a short time. Most of my life I’ve used floss that I hold in my hands. Water picks are supposed to gently wash food particles from between the teeth an from under the edges of the gums around your teeth.

What I didn’t find the water pick did was scrape off the scummy stuff that sticks to my teeth. It seems to need higher pressure or physical contact.

So I didn’t really like the water pick.

A while ago I hurt a finger and couldn’t handle the floss. So I bought some of those flosser sticks that are kind of y shaped with floss running from one to the other. The other end is usually pointy and can be used to help with things stuck between the teeth.

I didn’t expect to like them nearly as much as I do. I just found ones with dental tape instead of floss. I have some very close teeth and would often break floss. I don’t break the dental tape. Very happy with them.

Juliette Y.
Floss removes more plaque but if you find flossing difficult the water pik is a good choice. Have you tried floss harps or tpee brushes as a better alternative?