What is the best, natural, way to whiten your teeth?

Ingetraud Z.
To brush your teeth everyday and after you eat something sugary or something that can damage your teeth. Or just avoid any sugary foods or drinks.
Felix E.
Hi, I am not sure my dentist would approve, but I have a great method to share. Get some 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and a box of baking soda. That's like a $10 expense. First brush your teeth gently with about a tsp of baking soda. Rinse. Then mix the peroxide solution with 4 equal parts water and swoosh it in your mouth. Spit it out. DO NOT SWALLOW IT BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE HARMFUL. Then rinse with water twotime. Do this method 3 or four times in a weekand you'll soon be getting compliments. Repeat this 2 -3 times per year.aiAOo
Cl Ia Q.
Technically, teeth are meant to be slightly yellow if they're healthy. However one of the suggestions I can make is to drink less coffee and tea. They contribute to staining teeth.
Ernest Q.
Make sure you're brushing your teeth consistently twice a day and flossing often! Don't try to whiten teeth until the cleaning routine is totally stable. Then, find some whitening tooth paste to try. Another option is to brush with baking soda a couple times a week. If all else fails I have had great results with a teeth whitening gel brush on Amazon!