What’s the best way to floss?

Unsung U.
I think it depends on the person. I like using a floss pick as I personally find it easier but it really depends on you.
Mathias C.
Recommended by my dentist: Use a long strand of dental floss (not a floss pick) so you can wrap the extra length on each side around your index fingers and use your thumbs to push the floss between your teeth. Be sure to pull the floss towards the tooth that you are flossing when pulling the floss out.
Theresa P.
Flossing for about two minutes is good for when you floss. Make sure to floss each tooth multiple times and check each tooth to make sure there's nothing left that is still stuck in there. Rinse your mouth with water once your done to wash away any bleeding from your gums that might start while flossing.
Christoffer Z.
Make a ‘c’ shape around your tooth with the floss and try to move up and down. Avoid yanking the floss down and cutting your gums. Instead carefully shimmy the floss.
Elisa Z.
Using your choice of floss, make a motion of the letter "C" up against one side of the tooth and then the same against the opposite tooth.
Maritta S.
I start with my "problem areas ", then go through each tooth one by one so the tighter spaces get the most attention. Hope that makes sense!