Any tricks tips for sticking to the flossing habit?

Marcus W.
Flossing is all about the “hassle factor” to me. Because it’s not usually as easy as brushing it tends to get skipped, especially if you’re already tired.

I really like the Listerine Ultraclean flossers. They’re only $2 st Walmart and look like a rake, with the head being a bow of thin floss. Because it’s as long as a toothbrush, it’s easy to get between all the back teeth—something the shorter 2.5 inch flossers don’t do. They usually hit the side of your mouth trying to get the molars clean.

So if you don’t want to deal with tourniqueting your fingertips, getting spit all over your hands, or ripping floss in between your teeth, that’s my recommendation.

Another is to not wait till the end of the day. Like exercise you can floss anytime, so mix it up. Do it after lunch when you’re less likely to skip it. Flossing even once a day is more than a majority of people do on a regular basis. Weird when you know that 7 out of 8 cavities on adult teeth start in between teeth.

Plus, I keep a flossers in my car and do it at red lights. You’re always bound to hit one. Probably gross for anyone staring at me. But it’s like that saying goes:

In my 20’s I worried about what other people thought. In my 30’s and 40’s I didn’t care what people thought of me. In my 50’s I realized no one had been thinking about me at all.

Logan O.
I get food out between my teeth every time I floss. Thinking about the bits of food stuck there if I don't floss makes me feel a bit gross, so I have to floss at least once a day.
Victor Z.
My trick is finally finding a tool I like! I used to just use floss wrapped around my fingers. By the end of flossing the tips of those fingers were purple. Then I cut one of those fingers badly enough it was going to take time to heal and I wouldn’t be able to floss with it.

I bough a bag of those little plastic sticks with floss at one end and the equivalent of a toothpick at the other. These were easy to use and didn’t bother my healing finger.

I chose to stick with them after the finger healed because they work better. The pointy end gets bigger things stuck between my teeth which I used to have to floss and floss to get out. The floss deals with what it should. And I have no purple fingers. Yay!!!

Kasper F.
I floss in my car on my way to work. When I started flossing I made sure I flossed 2 days a week Mondays and Thursdays, for example. Then after about a month I increased it by 1 day. I kept doing this until I was flossing daily. Also use what you like. I use the little picks because they are convenient.
Marlene T.
Honestly, I’ve had braces for the last 2 years which made me hate flossing because of the extra steps, but now that I have them off it means me more motivated to floss! I usually floss and brush my teeth before I go to bed, which gives me time so I don’t need to rush
Benjamin P.
Well, to tell you the truth, in order to stick to a habit you have to remind yourself of it and this can be happened through many different ways such as , firstly, writing sticky notes and putting it on your desk or on your wall. Secondly, make a record on your mobile phone and set alarm to remind you if that habit.
Matthew W.
I keep it in eyesight of my other nightly routine products. I see it when I'm washing my face brushing my teeth so no way to forget it.
Amanda F.
1. Keep stock in your washroom
2. Keep it at a place that's easily visible!
3. As soon as you see the notification, just do it! Don't delay or snooze!
Sabri F.
I used to be very bad with dental hygiene. I just didn’t care enough. And when I started creating morning and evening rituals on Fabulous, I chose flossing as one of my have to dos. Morning flossing is a part of my morning shower-brush-floss-use lotion ritual. And I just don’t let myself to step out of bathroom without following it step by step. I see my bathroom time as a me time. I would say it came to the point where I just don’t want to leave the bathroom and face the business and stresses of the day if it makes sense. It’s a time when I can take care of myself, listen to good music or interest podcast on the way and reflect on whatever is on my mind at given point of time. And two minutes of flossing is just another way to enjoy my personal bubble just a little bit more before facing the day.
When it comes to flossing in the evening, I view it as a ritual to unwind my brain and let thoughts fly freely while I’m mindlessly brushing and flossing my teeth. And these mindless actions help me to let go of day troubles, say goodnight to them and just relax.
Dylan Y.
I use floss sticks, and do flossing before brushing my teeth, so it gets rid of that much more. So if you can brush, you can floss.
Ramna Z.
Use the timer provided by the app. A track will be played along with the timer so it’s intuitive and easy to finish the task.
Tha S Y.
1. Leave floss out where you can see it as a visual cue
2. Set floss as a reminder in fabulous
3. Only add flaws after you are in the habit of completing your golden triangle – Doing so will increase your motivation to take that final step to complete the triangle by flossing.
Vickie J.
Put your floss in a place where you see it every time you're done brushing your teeth. In your bathroom, next to your bed, whatever works for you.
Fernando C.
Always know where the floss is (even if it’s more than one package) and make sure you floss everyday at whatever time you designate to it. If you can set an alarm, or make sure you notice the app’s alarm, that really helps, too! If motivation is the issue, walk over to the floss while you groan about not wanting to do it. I do this often, but it eventually clicks! I know that this answer is redundant and mundane, but it’s fairly true, and trivial things can make a big difference! So go out there and be fabulous like I know you are!