How do I know that the floss brand I use is healthy?

Albertine Q.
I don’t know. Not all the famous brands are safe but I think dangerous chemicals will get reported soon in famous brand. I use oral B.
Alison E.
I would talk to your dentist. I use nonflavored dental tape Glide and my dentist is familiar with it. Now all I have to do is remember to use it.
Emily G.
Floss isn't something you consume, it is a method for cleaning plaque off your teeth. So long as it does that, and is fairly gentle on your gums- it's "healthy"
Logan J.
I don’t know. Looked on the internet and found that floss products with glideability and Oral-B Glide floss contain PFAS. So it looks like it is better to buy regular floss.
Christy W.
Figure out what you mean by healthy (for you? For the earth? Healthy manufacturing? Eco-friendly packaging and product delivery?)

And then check product stats on an online retail site like Amazon. See if it matches or not. If there's not enough information call the customer service number on the product.

If that doesn't work, just buy a brand that has a commitment and a proven history of healthy eco-friendly products, like toms.