So I put flossing on my list because I tend to forget to floss the most, and not only that but when creating a routine, a habitual routine at that – then it must entail creating a list of healthy habits that you are not used to doing every single day. Like I said I forget to floss alot so does any one else put flossing in their morning routine? (also I’m new at this app so please let me know if I’am using it incorrectly.) I have to ask because I got a sarcastic shithead asking me if I carry floss around in my bag-that kind of crap please keep to yourself.

Carole F.
i have flossing in my night time routine! i have depression and i've even struggled with brushing my teeth in the evening but now that i have a sofa in my apartment and don't spent all my wake time on my bed i've gotten better with selfcare before going to sleep. and i sleep better bc the bed is only for sleep now and not for binging netflix or studying. i've tried this app before and now i've been using this app for about a month and it's my longest time on this app and i think it really helps with building healthy habits.