Before or after brushing?

Johan Sørensen
I usually do after. But thinking about it for a moment, it makes more sense to do before. The order should be; floss, brush, mouth wash. Makes sense to me!

I floss after brushing. I think I do it after because when I go to the dentist to get my teeth clean, they do it after my cleaning.

Bryan Wright
Before brushing because I want to get the old stuff out from between my teeth and then give the opportunity to clean with toothbrush. Not only that but when I use mouthwash I can clean in between the teeth better if I floss before everything. Floss, mouthwash, brush always.

Sima A
You gotta floss after brushing in order to get what's left behind. That way the flossing is enhancing your brushing and not they other way around!