How has the flossing habit helped you improve yourself?

Isabelle Cox
Flossing is such an easy habit to gain momentum on. Once I got into the habit u started looking forward to it and enjoying the way my gums looked! I even notice it has helped me keep going with other habits I'm trying to develop. Any habit really.

Diana Craig
I actually had my semi-annual check up and for the first time there was nothing bad to report. The dentist kept on saying that I had really clean teeth. It’s not as if I don’t brush my teeth regularly, but it seems that flossing is really keeping my teeth in check, and all for less than a couple of minutes a day. It goes to show that even a small change makes a difference. It’s motivating to know that I can start small and not be overwhelmed, and can go nowhere but up from there.

Terra Ryan
Flossing though it may seem simple, has made me think more carefully and diligently about completing all of my daily habits.

Curtis Bishop
It isn’t enough to have a fabulous dentist, one must floss in order to keep gums healthy and teeth strong. When I am at my best, I am following a daily schedule that includes taking care of my beautiful smile. Having a beautiful smile makes me feel happy so I smile to the world and the world smiles back at me.

Tássia Duarte
Before I downloaded this app, I never used to floss even though both my dentist and orthodontist always say I need to, I just said yeah it’s fine I don’t need to. Once I downloaded the app, I have flossed every morning!

Leon Bennett
My teeth hurt less overall if I take the time to floss. I feel like I notice a drastic long term difference and if I slack off I pay the price.

Caroline Hunter
It makes discipline just a little bit easier. Flossing is definitely one of the less glamorous habits but sticking to it makes other habits that much easier