How did you finally get in the habit of flossing?

Emily W.
I've been flossing for decades. My father was drafted in the 1950s from Puerto Rico. The Army pulled all his teeth. He'd worked in the sugar cane fields and he never shared why they were pulled. He was meticulous about my sibs and I taking care of our teeth. I'm not an every night flosser, but I may miss a night or two if I'm really tired.
Amanda C.
I went to the doctor and had a cavity. Now I know I need to floss. At the end of the day, i sometimes do it while watching TV or something I enjoy so it doesn't seem tedious
Kelsey P.
I went ahead and bought the individual use floss picks. Then, once I was used to brushing my teeth daily (I admit, I used to be really bad about it) I added flossing as part of brushing my teeth. Seeing them as one task helped make it easier to do.
Susan Z.
For me, I HAD to make a change when I went on Invisalign to straighten my teeth. Flossing after every meal was frustrating at first, but then I made it easy with floss picks. Twin plackers are my favorite! Now my mouth feels wrong if I skip flossing. Find what makes it easier, good luck!!
Patricia P.
Actually i love doing dance and floss is a common step in it . So i love to do it , now if your not a fan of dancing just listen some pop music along with floss so that you will get the habit of it .ok bye
Monica E.
Honestly, this app! I've always hated flossing but I've always hated failure more. Not seeing the tick marks next to flossing makes me feel awful. I have braces so regular floss is basically impossible so I use flossers. They make it so much easier and much more manageable and they helped a little even when I didn't have braces. Being held accountable with a visual of my success/failure is what did it for me