How often should I floss?

Tasmira Da cruz
I floss every evening after brushing my teeth to be sure that no food particles, that bacteria can feed on, that sit in my mouth overnight.

Silje Pedersen
Flossing once a day is ideal. Typically before sleeping. The reason being, flossing often increases the gap between the teeth causing a bad bite. And flossing just before sleeping takes away the entire day’s plaque and food particles.

Felecia Simpson
Ideally, you should floss after every meal but I sometimes don't get to do so but I try to floss at least once a day – at the end of the day.

Dawn Ramirez
You should floss thrice a day. One of those times should be a thorough flossing where you get a little below gumline all around each tooth. the other two times should be following major meals to make sure you remove any food that got stuck