Do you always floss twice a day?

Arnold N.
I floss one time a day, not two. There’s no need for two times of flossing (in my opinion)! How much food do you get stuck in your teeth a day?? Just as long as you do it consistently, every day, two days, every week, whatever it is, at your own pace and preference.
Karola U.
Not always. Which is why I chose flossing for my very first evening habit. I figured staty by hokding myself accountable for once a day and if I do it twice certain days its an extra personal accountability bonus!
Vincent B.
No I don’t but I fell better when I do. Usually I only flossed once a day if that and it wasn’t for two minutes each time that’s for sure.
Martin F.
No, I only just recently restarted flossing, so once a day is where I'm starting. However, I do floss before brushing, helps to get it all out.
Melissa U.
I just do it at night. During the day we salivate a lot and drink water which keeps our mouths cleaner than at night. Of course, it is good to floss during the day if there is food caught between your teeth!
Kristina X.
I just started to with this program. It’s easy when I get a prompt. My dentist has been telling me to for a long long time. To help with my gums. ❤️
Tracy J.
I used to floss only once a day before, but i have incorporated 2 times floss a day in my daily routine and i can already see the result 🙂