What time of day do you like to floss and how often do you do it?

Ellen A.
I like to do it at night to get rid of all the build-up from the day. I like to do it everyday so it's not a big deal if I skip a day every now and then.

Gabriela N.
I carry floss with me for times when i need it after lunch or after a snack.
I also floss after brushing my teeth each night, then i use a natural mouth rinse to finish the job.

Elias W.
I like to floss at night before I sleep and then in the morning after I eat. This is followed by brushing of course but it really does get all the stuff out of your teeth.

Balin P.
I floss at night after brushing my teeth, but before mouthwash. I do it once a day. I really like the quip floss, it’s a cute container, which makes it a little more fun. Additionally it has a blue color for how much floss to pull in order to reach all of your teeth and all the way in the back of your mouth.

Malou F.
I floss at night as part of my evening routine because once I've done that, I went eat again and undo the cleaning that flossing provides. But I'll floss in the morning also if my toddler wants me to do it with her. I'm trying to encourage her to floss every day and she likes to do it together. 🙂