Do you floss after brushing your teeth?

Lucie E.
Yes I do but not consistently every single day. So I have incorporated that into my evening routine by putting my brush, toothpaste and floss together to remind me and make it easier to do the task.
Felecia U.
Yes – flossing is very important. Plaque on our teeth becomes plaque in our arteries. When interviewing older people, one of their top comments is "I wish I'd taken better care of my teeth". Some say we should floss before brushing. I floss after brushing out of habit.
Gloria C.
No, I floss before brushing my teeth. Flossing removes food and bacteria between the teeth and then the tooth brush takes it away 🙂
Malou Z.
Yes, its a Good habit to Have as brushing only do 60% of the cleaning job and floss help to improve healthy gum as well
Andresa Z.
Yes I floss after brushing. I have read up on this and there is no right or wrong, just as long as you do it. I see flossing as the second cleaning step thus I do it after brushing.
Frida W.
Yes! I always like to think it’s more of taking better care of my gums! Lol.. plus they will get stronger every time I do it
Josefine W.
Yes. My bottom front teeth get food trapped in there easy and if I don't take good care of them then I'll have gum issues.
Wania P.
No, I floss before brushing my teeth, so when I brush all the things came out of the space between my teeth by flossing will get cleaned and removed
Clyde C.
Hi there. Yes, I do it after I’ve brushed my teeth. I used to do it before, but my wife told me she did it the other way around, and I could see how it could be better. I haven’t looked further into it, but it seems natural. It only takes about 30 sec. to floss. So worth it!
Lillian T.
Usually! Sometimes I get lazy. The fabulous app and the pressure of being a model for my daughter keeps me more regular
Ma Wenn N.
Yes I always brush first.

I only floss without brushing first if I have something particular stuck in my teeth, for instance after eating corn or salad.