How do you build the flossing habit? What do you connect it with?

Philip S.
I try to connect my flossing habit with time of day. I brush twice, but floss once, usually in the evening. Brushing in the evening helps remind me to floss after. In this way, I don’t forget. Hope this helps you!
Gail Z.
I floss with a thick peppermint flavored floss. It feels good to floss with it. I keep it in the bathroom near my toothbrush. I also keep an extra floss in my desk drawer as it is a relaxing thing to do between writing checks.
My mouth feels good after flossing. I think I have fewer breath issues when I floss frequently.
My dentist is good but expensive. Regular flossing helps prevent tooth and gum problems and helps lower my dentist bill.
Christian U.
I do it through organization in the bathroom. As I move through my morning routine, I "finish" each room's tasks. Wake in the bedroom, drink water by my bed, make the bed, stretch, and I'm done with that room. (Everything is already tidy.) The next room to "finish" is the bathroom. All my "grooming" needs are in there, in one drawer, actually. I even have a basket under the sink to keep my discarded pajamas in. I already have my clothes picked out, and on the bathroom counter from the night before. As in assemble my cloths situation, I then move on to all the items in the drawer, which includes deodorant, toothbrush, etc. and a little dish that has floss etc. in it. Technically, a flosser thing. I do all that, the room is tidy, and I move to the kitchen for pet care, and my own food and water. So on and so forth. All the reverse is true for my bedtime routine, so I'm back in the bathroom with the prepared drawer, and pajamas in the basket under the sink. Keeping things organized in the most logical location of the task is very helpful for me.
Erin O.
I do it along with brushing my teeth which I'm already doing. I remind myself of the importance of good oral health for good overall health, and remind myself how unfun a really deep cleaning at the dentist is when I haven't been flossing well.
Romane S.
I struggled with flossing for a while but what helped me was every time I brushed my teeth at night I would floss before I did. So every time I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth I would just start flossing
Amalia F.
My family has a history of tooth loss. We have a mouth flora that strong bacteria like. I have 7 root canals in my mouth though I have flossed regularly for decades. So flossing is part of my morning and evening routine because I want to die of old age with my own teeth. I have to get my teeth cleaned three times a year.
Philip Y.
I just always floss before I brush in the morning. I get up, go pee, start the coffee, go back to the bathroom and floss, brush, wash my face, put in my contacts, moisturize, pluck stray eyebrows. But I know some people put floss picks in with their lunch, to do it after they eat at work. And my bf does it at night while watching TV. It's so important for your overall health, not just your teeth. Just find a way to do it every day.
Clarence C.
I connect it with putting a glass of water beside my bed. I tried doing it after I wash my face but I found that I was less likely to do it st that
Sigfried R.
I built a flossing habit after a negative report from my dentist – my gums were suffering. Flossing every night became another way that I take care of myself. It wasn’t easy at first, I started with a morning floss and after about 6 months decided that wasn’t working so I moved it to my night time routine. It’s important for me to be able to make small changes in my habits and in the ways I take care of myself so I’m not just going through the motions to reap benefits later, but so I can embrace the moment and know I’m doing something good for myself right now.

My gum health has greatly improved 🙂