Which brand do you like most? Do you floss once or twice a day? Day or night?

Lila T.
I floss only at night and I use all sorts of brands. I’m only 13 and waiting for another tooth to come out still. So not all my teeth are finished like moving and stuff so I have lil tiny gaps so I don’t usually have to floss a lot. Sorry if it’s tmi.
Hunter E.
I use flossers. The plastic picks with floss attached at the end. Which ever is cheaper. I floss at night as the most bacteria grows at night
Audrey F.
If you’re referring to dental floss, I like the brand OralB. I floss first thing in the morning, and before I go to bed in the evening.
Chlo G.
1/day before bed. Several times a week I do it in the morning as well. Switching to water pick at home but still using Oral-B glide when I travel (which is half the time)
Evan Q.
I am currently using a pack of single-use flossing sticks, which I bought because I had never flossed before and I wanted to start with something that was easy to use. But I realize they are bad for the environment, so I am planning on buying silk floss to use in the future. It’s not vegan, but it is unfortunately the only zero-waste option available for floss.

I floss once a day, in the evening. For me it doesn’t make sense to floss in the morning but if you think it helps you, then I don’t think it hurts either.

Neil C.
I usually use those flossing sticks. I recently found ones called Plackers. I really like those ones, they seem sturdier and do a good job. Right now I floss once a day at night. I want to eventually add it to my morning routine as well. But at this point I flossed 15 days in a row which is amazing for me.
Ella B.
I don’t have a particular brand since i use a water flosser. I typically floss once a day and I’ve started to get better about it because of this app.
Malone Z.
I don‘t really worry about brands but I use an electric toothbrush morning and night. I floss in the morning and use a‘‘pic“ between my tooth st night. Since I have been doing this and brushing for a full 2 minutes as demonstrated by my dentist I have had much less problem with gum infections.
Mayara P.
I floss in the evening. I just started using the target brand with charcoal added into it. I feel like my gums feel a lot healthier
Agathe C.
I use Packers right now, but I prefer the ones without a sharp pick on the end, so I can take them in my pocket without getting poked. I work in a kitchen, so I floss whenever I’ve just eaten something that might get stuck, plus morning and night.
Amalie E.
I don’t use any specific brand, just whatever I find in the store. I do find that the ones that are slightly thicker is better do, as really thin dental floss has a tendency to make my gums bleed. I only floss once a day, at night.
Jeffrey U.
I don't have a preference on the brand but I do floss twice a day. Sometimes I only floss in the morning if I am having a really late night.
Anna W.
I like Oral-B Glide because my teeth fit tightly together in spots. It works without getting stuck or fraying like other flosses. I prefer flossing once a day, at night, just before I brush my teeth.