Do you clean your floss thread as you go? I’m afraid I’m going to put the removed plaque back between my teeth.

Johanne E.
I do not but I’ve also never considered I’d put the plaque back between the teeth. However, even with that on mind I still wouldn’t clean the floss thread as I go.
Margit A.
I just make sure the floss continues to roll in my hand as I’m flossing. Make sure you use a long enough piece of floss. I would not recommend using the same piece of floss for the whole month, meaning each tooth. I would be thinking about spreading bacteria from one spot to another.
Maureen R.
I just move along and work the thread in sections, this way not returning to areas used before that contains any residue.
Oscar P.
I use my Water Pick on a daily basis. However, when I travel and use floss, I always use a fresh section of floss on each tooth. I rinse floss between each tooth, then wrap the floss around my finger moving a fresh section in the middle.
Fred Z.
Nah, I don’t think the old plaque will go back in and get stuck between different teeth. At worst, it might slide back in between and fall out when you rinse. Otherwise, it may not even make it back between teeth