How to stick to your routine when a sick child needs attention?

Luke O.
Sometimes we have to see to life first, a major life event such as a wedding or death, a natural disaster, or a sick child. Try to stick with it the best you can and when events such as a sick child throw your routine off, get back to it as quickly as you are able. The routine will help maintain stability in those events so if you can stick with it, it will be an advantage.

Jasmina O.
I dont have kids, so I'm not sure. But probably take the habits that mean the most to you and complete those before the lesser habits.

Jeff T.
I believe everyone has their own circumstances which force them for their attention. It is okay to skip the routine for a week or two, even a month as your child needs you most than anything else. But a break in the routine should not put a stop to your motivation and thereby to your progress, from becoming what you wish you to be.

Gitta U.
Be prepared for the eventuality of something happening. Regarding the diet, always have several choices. For physical activity, take advantage when the child is resting, not least because sport helps us become more active, soon prepared to help the child. During breaks, take the opportunity to relax.

George W.
Being a single mom myself, I totally understand the challenge of sticking to your routine on a daily basis, as a child requires all your undivided attention. I have been developing my routine by involving my kid as well, so I can build a healthy habit for both of us and spend more precious time with my daughter. If some of your habits require more of a me-time, you can change the timing, and don’t forget to congratulate yourself for doing such an amazing job!!!

C Ndice O.
I struggle in this area too. Normally I attend to my sick child first and then when they are settled, I will do a short version of my routine, whether that means exercise, meditation, etc. Now that my kids are a bit older, they can handle it when I let them know I will be doing something for 20mins or so… if they have been given attention first, then they are fine with me taking time for me. Alternatively, I would do my activity in their presence so they can see what I am up to and if they interrupt I will let them know I can help them in 20mins (or whatever time you set). I have found doing this actually gives them motivation to help themselves a little more when it’s something they can do. I hope this inspires a way you can still stick to your schedule in a modified way while still attending to your kids. Good luck!

Claire T.
Currently I do not have children yet, so I can not know. My only child at the moment can probably also be myself. I can always have some childish ideas, that would slow down the profress toward beeing a better me, because I just can/have time. Nevertheless some routines are healthy that much, that you have to know the posirive effecrs of it, and push yourself vlbeyobd "child erruptions".