do you use the floss habit as a reminder to brush your teeth or a reminder to actually floss? i’m not american (i know you guys floss like no other and i wish i was like that) and i have these retainer braces?things? like just a wire behind my teeth and cant use the thread ((and also depression which means struggling to take care of personal hygiene at times so i need reminders to brush my teeth…))

Jenna X.
I use it to actually floss, and by habit I floss every single day! I also have permanent retainers (wires) behind my teeth and cannot thread behind them, so I use a normal flosser and just angle it into my teeth and floss as best as I can. Flossing and brushing your teeth are very important for your overall health, and they only take a few minutes to complete. Keep up the good work, you’re doing great!

Ross T.
Haha hello ! Where are u from ? I use it as a reminder to brush my teeth too 😅 thought I was the only one.. I usually forget to or just skip it but this app with their timer made me do it! Why depressed ?

Sarah B.
I have a brush and a floss reminder on mine. My dentist said that a water pick flosser would be ideal for braces. There are some options that are relatively inexpensive.
I've also found that my teeth start feeling gross if I don't brush them. American Dentists advise that we brush twice a day and floss once. So I only floss in the mornings. I have also struggled with developing a brushing habit at all. I understand depression making things hard, I find ways to reward myself, if you like stickers maybe a calendar in the bathroom to put stars on, more steps usually doesn't help me though so I reward myself with chocolate. If its darker there's less sugar and thus not counterproductive. :] good luck! I'm here cheering for you!

Parimah F.
I don'tusually floss my teach but I brush my teeth twice just to make it cleaner. For the first time, I rinse my mouth with water and brush my teeth without toothpaste for 40 seconds; for the second time, I apply toothpaste and brush away.

Rebeca R.
I recently took my braces off so that is why I am able to floss.usually when I travel to find motivation to brush my teeth or do self care, I put my headphones on and listen to my favourite song. But another song I should be done brushing teeth and all

Cynthia N.
I believe there is a brush your teeth reminder. I use the floss one to either use my water flosser. Or lately it's been my reminder to do oil pulling before brushing my teeth.

Anastasia O.
I like to use the floss reminder as an overall bathroom routine motivation at night. Its also a feeling of accomplishment when I do check it off

Nem Sio T.
I use the floss reminder to floss because I also have the brush teeth reminder. I have a bridge so I’m supposed to be flossing.

Dan N.
I brush my teeth twice a day. Morning and night. I also eat a plant based diet which has eliminated tarter build up on my teeth. On a side note, depression is treatable. Please research and try to see what might help.

Lora A.
Am not American and I am guilty as charged. Yes to me my floss habit is for teeth brushing. I wish I was more diligent with it, but I am happy if i brush my teeth after meals. I have braces too. I floss as I see fit. Which means if i see food stuck between my teeth after brushing I will floss. I personally hate floss (i say flossing but I don't do it with floss), I use intradental brushes (like tiny wire thingies with small toothbrush-like bristles for in between my teeth and gums and i have a bryton pick (not called like that where I am from though – it's zubobran) for when I think I need some extra in between teeth cleaning (these go between teeth like floss, it's daunting at first because it's metal and really thin and it seems like it will cut you, but it won't, if you choose it, go slowly and easy at first until you get bolder). What's amazing about bryton pick is that it gets between your teeth more easily when you have braces because you dont have to insert it from the front, you go from back to you wire and just slide it up. As for depression and habit up-keeping I can't help you much. Having same issues. The only thing that keeps me flossing here and there is the plaque build-up removal, my gums bleed quite easily and the removal is horrendous if I don't floss. Pain conditioning did it. XD

Grace N.
I use it as a brush my teeth not a floss ☺️ I like to put it there as a task I know I will complete so I can tick it off which gives me a sense of accomplishment. I would like to floss more and should add it in over time but I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many tasks.

Louka C.
It's a reminder for me to actually floss 😉 I'm not American, either. I brush my teeth regularly (2-3/day) because it makes me feel good, but I sometimes forget to floss.

Eliza Q.
I use a water pik water flosser so it automatically times it for me, got it for pretty cheap online. Feels nice on my gums and I use some peroxide in the water for whitening also

Evah N.
No I normally brush my teeth at 9 and floss after it’s not a reminder because i only remember to floss because I brush my teeth

D Nia Z.
Thanks for the questions! I totally understand having a hard time taking care of yourself because of depression, sorry to hear you’re going through that.
I put the floss reminder to remind me to floss, but also because every win is a big win to me. I struggle to take care of myself too, and anything I can add to my checklist to tell myself ‘look how much I did!’ Helps me feel good about what I did do, instead of being sad about what I didn‘t do.
Hope this helps! Keep on trying, that’s all we can do.

Gregory F.
Well I'a
Well I am an Asian , so I have only seen that on tv or phone , but it's a good thing for teeth as I think , I don't know whether it acts as a reminder

Josh X.
Thanks for the question! I'm sorry to hear about your depression and hope the following helps.

I do actually use the floss reminder to floss. My thinking is that it's important to dislodge whatever chunks of food that are in between my teeth before I get to bed so they're not stuck in there all night. I typically follow it up with mouthwash. I don't use the wire, but there are these little floss picks that look like scimitar handles that work just as well. I never flossed my teeth as regularly as I do now with the reminder 🙂 hope this answer helped!

Jennifer U.
I use it mostly as a reminder to brush my teeth due to also struggling with mental health and subsequently personal hygiene, but if I have the energy I'll floss a little as well (not American either so still getting used to it!). If braces are an issue, apparently a Waterpik, waxed floss, or a floss threader are all good options. You've got this!

Eleanor U.
I use the floss reminder to actually floss! I’m good at brushing my teeth but there are some pretty nasty diseases that come with not flossing. With recently my depression has became severe and like you’re said, I haven’t really been taking care of myself the best and that’s one thing that I can use to kind of start a routine with. I know it’s very small but we all start somewhere:)!

Maddy E.
U can use a water pick flosser. I have braces too, I have the travel size. Also, there are these things called Christmas tree brushes. Ask ur dental hygienist about them.

Monica O.
Yes, I do the reminds because at some point in my life I just stopped caring and didnt take care of myself unless I was told. It took years for me to realize that I needed to change for tbe better. So dont worry, you are not the only one.

Billie Z.
I use it as both. I try to brush my teeth atheist twice a day, for 2-3 minutes straight. At the least I spend a minute on the top and a minute on the bottom of my teeth. I then immediately brush my tongue to remove bacteria causing bad breath, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. I would say try to make it one of the first things you do in the morning, immediately following your breakfast, or if you don't eat one, right when you wake. Then I brush again about an hour before bed.

Mads X.
My advice to use a strong water pick. I floss then water pick then brush then mouthwash (whitening kind) then put my retainers on. Every night. Get a great night sleep this way. Good luck!

Ayrn G.
Awww, I use it as an actual reminder to floss. 🙁 I work in the dental field and can’t even commit to floss in the manner we recommend. Wow, thank you for sharing. I to suffer from depression and never made the connection between depression and personal hygiene.

Mary N.
I have a separate reminder for brushing my teeth and flossing. Brushing my teeth is in the morning and night and flossing is just in the night. It helps me so I remember to do everything I need to do

Adrien P.
I use the brush teeth habit and the floss habit. I'm terrible at taking care of myself and especially in the evening I now so it automatically

Belana O.
Preatty much both
I jse this habbit to remind me of preatty all that has to do with teeth care
I have preatty big depression to and it got me thinking
Actually i dont did things like brush teeth couse of no motivation thats why i got thid app

Priyanshi A.
I don't floss lol I should. I'm American and I have those wires too! I just brush them extra hard and I just have the teeth brushing habit and use that to do my hair, face, and teeth morning and night

Russell J.
I use the reminder to make sure I floss. I don’t need a reminder to brush, but I am sure it will serve the same purpose and really helps keep you on task. This has been very helpful to me and I now floss every day where before it was only occasionally.

Daniela Y.
I honestly have a bad habit of forgetting to floss which is why I put it down as a habit so that I don’t forget.I understand that depression takes a really big toll on people and can make people struggle with a lot of stuff that they need to do for themselves. With the braces you might wanna see if there’s any ways you can make it work and there could also be some sort of floss for people with braces so you can try those out too.

Megan Z.
Yes, I use it to remind me to floss. I'm from the UK and we have things called tepee brushes which are a bristled stick that you can poke between the teeth, I used those when I had braces and they worked a treat.

Alisha F.
Also I have these retainer braces,and I hate them so much and also depression and every your talking about is right. 🥺👍

Leanne N.
Both I try to always floss/ use interdental brushes at night, as I have more time. if I say I will do it in the morning I’m rushing and never do it.

Catherine N.
Hello there! I also have depression and struggle with personal hygiene. It has gotten to the point where I had to put my toothbrush on my nightstand next to my bed just so I can get motivated to brush my teeth. I hate to admit it but there have been times when I go weeks without brushing and flossing as well as taking a shower. Depression sucks but this app has been helping me to take better care of myself. To answer your question, I personally use the floss reminder to actually floss my teeth. I purposely put it right after the brushing teeth reminder so I don't dismiss it. As for the retainers, I recommend taking them out when you brush/floss (if you're able to). It'll make it easier and your mouth will feel more clean. If you can't, they make special floss for those who have retainers/braces. Also don't forget to clean your retainers! I hope this helped guide you on your journey to becoming a healthier you 🥰💕

Krystal U.
Hello there, I’m also nit American, I live in England, lol I use this app to brush my teeth even more than I actually do, I do them 3 times a day and every time I leave the house, but some days I don’t leave the house, so this kicks in to remind me to do it lol hope this helps, I also hope ur feeling better soon, I feel u!! I’m in same boat x

Mc Lean O.
I use it as both a reminder to brush and floss. I also have a permanent retainer like you! I use these things that look like toothpicks so that I can get in between the teeth that are blocked by the wire. I also struggle with depression and anxiety. This app has helped me a lot and has gotten me in a much better headspace than I was before. I hope you keep up the good work!

Ysabel Z.
You can use the Brush Teeth reminder to brush your teeth if thats all you need. I use the Floss reminder because my dentist told me I have to after I developed cavities between my teeth and basically nowhere else. Flossing is good for preventing that. You could also use a good fluoride mouthwash and a waterpik instead.

Alina F.
I have a habit to brush my teeth right after dinner which was developed a long before I've found Fabulous. The purpose of flossing in my evening routine is to get left food out of my teeth 'cause there is no gap, even a little space between them. The food stuck there and cannot be brushed away so I use floss habit for flossing. Hmm, is there anyone else who has the same problem?

Stella T.
Good question. Many people do use the Floss habit as reminder to actually floss their teeth but it is a good idea to use that reminder to also brush your teeth so if you want to do that, go ahead!

Ricardo S.
Im not american but i use it to floss and i have a brush your teeth reminder too. I struggle with severe anxiety and depression too, so i know how it feels to not be able to take care of yourself. I just started using fabulous and its been helping the past few days

Giulia P.
I'm not American either, Italian here. Depression is tough so don't feel bad if you skip a habit. Feeling guilty worsens it. And if you have bracer thingies you have the more reason not to do it. So floss, don't floss, it's all okay! As of right now, you're in a journey. You're like preparing. You don't run a marathon the next day you decide to run, right? You start small. You skip things. So if flossing isn't for you, skip it. Use mouth wash. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Kisses from Italy!

Cheryl F.
I have just started this and I use it more to remind me to brush my teeth. I haven’t ever really done it in the evening and really wanted to change that. I now have the brush teeth reminder and floss which I count as mouth wash reminder!!

Christa Y.
I use it both to floss and brush my teeth. I also used to have a retainer like yours. I used a special floss for that which has a plastic end so that you can push it through and then floss just make sure you don't pull it up too much. I broke my retainer like that. I am also not the best at taking care of myself (not american, actually am Namibian). I guess my motivation is to have health teeth and gums. I always have dreams about loosing my teeth so I try to floss at least every second day. Wish you good luck with your new habit.

Paige Z.
For me, it the reminder to floss is for actually floss( at least most of the time 😅) but until recently I had been having a really hard time remembering and having the motivation to brush and floss my teeth. Now, with this app, it's helped me remember and given me a reason to motivate myself to brush and floss. Since then my teeth have actually felt better so now I actually want to brush and floss! You need to think about your body as a temple for your soul. Its sacred, special and it needs to be kept clean and nice. You are special and don't forget it!!

Bianca I.
I’m not an American too. I use it as a reminder to floss. Brushing my teeth is something I do without thinking every morning and evening. I don’t use thread but sticks, it works better and perhaps for you to because of the braces

鈴木萌子 N.
I’m not American either, but I actually floss everyday. If you have wire behind your teeth, regular thread won’t work, but there’re products like water floss, or tiny interdental brush. Maybe you can try them!

Patsy O.
Personally I use it to remember to floss, as I never was any good doing it in the first place. But I am sure that you can use it to remember to toothbrush. It is your narrative, friend, you decide what you do with it. Just as long as you try your best. 🙂

Mel Z.
Flossing should be part of brushing your teeth! You can use interdental brushes for when you have braces, I’ve had braces when I was younger and these are specific them.

Terrance S.
I use it as both, I've gotten to the point where flossing without brushing my teeth (or vice versa) just feels unnatural, and it's all thanks to this app. I found myself doing the routine, and having to remind myself to check it all off!

Nolhan T.
Hey, my advice would be to speak with your dentist as soon as you have a chance and I’m sure she/he will be able to show you how you can do it and if you need a different tool, maybe one of this pointy thing that I use so that you are able to floss between your teeth, going under the braces (I also have retainer braces like yours but for me it’s easier as it covers only four of my teeth)…I wish you good luck and please don’t postpone this, the sooner you start the better, it is so important and remember that your teeth will be with you all your life so you want them to be clean and healthy!
Have a good day

Felix W.
Hi there. I’m not American either, and can relate to depression preventing attention to self care and personal hygiene. For years I’ve only brushed my teeth in the mornings, so recently have been using the floss reminder of the night routine as a reminder to brush my teeth and to do it properly. Tonight I’m even going to sip herbal bedtime tea and listen to music whilst I read before bed. That took a lot this evening, after a day of barely eating, barely moving and just about noticing my thoughts rather than just let the tv think for me.
Hopefully this helps, and for me personally it’s always good to know we’re not alone, trying to brave a new step each time.

Sheri E.
I use the floss habit as a reminder to feel good about taking care of myself. The brush, floss, mouthwash sequence works for both morning and night as a habit that purely serves me and no one else. If you can’t use floss you could use the habit to remind you to use mouthwash or wash your face. I will say though that there are so many health benefits to good dental hygiene.

Parimah F.
I don't do it, but seeing how important it is for you I'd remind you that it's about doing the task all the way through
Not one task reminding you of an order, it's all part of the same activity

Christina S.
I use both the brush your teeth and floss habit but I struggle with depression also. I am a 32yo woman with an autoimmune daisies disorder and I'm raising a 7 year old son alone. For the last almost 2 years, it's been a struggle just to shower. Start small, be kind to yourself, imagine what you would tell a close friend if she were going through something similar. Maybe start with making sure to spend a few minutes each day on your personal hygiene and maybe for a bit that's just brushing your teeth at least once a day. Then when that becomes easy to do, add in something else and so on. You got this! 🙏💁🏻‍♀️💪🙌

Aru N.
Yup. Needed 4 filling in one month. Only went to dentist for one pain to come out with 4 fillings and it was not fun. Very expensive too. So in future I want to floss more often. I bought 2 packets of floss so I won't have any excuses but still having difficulties doing it as a routine. I do kind of enjoy doing it when I do do it but need to do it more often.

Aubrey T.
While I also have depression and struggle with it occasionally I have always been the type of person who will no matter what brush my teeth, no matter if I’m about to crash at a party or on a camping trip I always brush my teeth. I do struggle a lot with flossing and wanting to floss and actually doing it, thankfully for this app whenever I do complete the floss habit I feel a little bit of dopamine due to being congratulated.

Jana E.
Well I honestly use it as a reminder to brush my teeth because I don't have dental floss but if you do then you should actually floss and brush your teeth. I would also recommend setting a reminder to brush your teeth before you floss and after, although that's just my personal advice and I don't have science-based back-up to support my adivse.

Gabriel G.
I'm not an American, but yeah, usually I try my best to keep the flossing in the teeth washing habit, like do it one after another and after a while it becomes like something you can't finish the teeth brushing without flossing. And about the braces, do as much as you can. Depression? I got that covered too, try your best to maintain your habit, if you don't do it à day or two it's okay, just try your best the third day to do it. It helps your morale to boost itself with some positive vibe. Stay awesome and ask away if you have any other questions!

Timeo N.
So, I used to have braces…the regular kind. I HATED flossing. I had to use these plastic flossers that look like needle and thread to go around all the metal and get to the gumline.
I never floss regularly. In fact, I always get great praise from my dentist. Lol. It's my toothbrush. It made all the difference. It's the oral b spin head (small head). It comes with a charging base. Both my son and I use it (separate heads so we don't share colds). It keeps it's charge for a whole month! I've had it for years!!!
I used to use a water flosser (sprays water at the gumline…hooked up to the shower head😊). It just wasn't worth the effort. The spin brush worked so well!
Your teeth and gums determine so much of your overall health. Recently, I've been taking a new medicine (fibromyalgia) that leaves my mouth so dry. So, I'm doing flossing to just make double sure the tarter doing make a home on my teeth…bc a dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and it clings to tarter.
When I was a few years younger my dental hygienist whispered I could get away with flossing once a week. I did that for a while. Get the brush, try the needle and thread flosser…see how that works.

Trish Z.
I would suggest 30 minutes twice a day. Slowly and gently move the areas that bother you. In the morning, move areas that are stiff. In the evening move and stretch out areas that are tight or sore. Aim for relaxing and softening and examining all the feelings in the various areas that you ‘stretch’.

Alex T.
Hi. I use the floss habit as a reminder to floss, for teeth health reasons only. I can develop tooth decay easily and my dentist told me to avoid that by flossing every day. I am also not American, I am Romanian. Fabulous helps me with procrastination in general, it's just good to have someone like a coach.

Beth C.
I really struggled with depression too that’s why my routine like flossing and brushing my teeth became a problem so I set both crush and floss as a daily task so I can tick two things off when I do both of them so I feel proud for achieving more things in a day

Romane Q.
Well I actually floss my teeth, since I want flossing to become my habit. But I’m not American, I’m actually Asian. I think flossing your teeth is a very good habit, and I think if you can remind yourself to brush your teeth you can definitely remind yourself to floss. There are ways to floss with braces that you can find online! Hope this helps 😉

Fig N.
I have both “floss” and “brush my teeth” as separate reminders. I experience depression also, and it can be really hard to take care of my teeth when I’m depressed. When Its too hard to go to the bathroom, I have Floss handy in my room so I will At least do that even if I cant Brush. I would Look into getting some kind of pick that you can clean between your teeth with, might be disposable.

Esther C.
Floss Friend! Loved your question. I had never thought of it that way before. I’m a reasonably good teeth brusher! And I’m funny because I know I’m supposed to floss and just don’t. Why is that? I dunno. I just don’t get to it. The whole look after yourself thing, though? I don’t do a good job of that either. I look after other people, I just can’t seem to get the rest of it together. Using one habit reminder to do another tho, that’s clever. It’s a bit of a system you have going there! I am right now just trying to get one good thing going at a time. One step. One step, one step. Hang in on the wires for your teeth.

Cynthia O.
In the morning I find brushing my teeth as a reminder to floss due to the fact I am not a custom to Flossing
In the evening a reminder to floss reminds me to brush my teeth as I’m normally so tired a can’t be bothered to brush.

Rito S.
Hi there! I use floss to remind me to brush on time every night! I too have had braces in my younger days and I remember how difficult it was to get those nasty bits out of the wires. What helped me the most Is brushing softly but for a longer duration to make sure I've covered every corner of the wires and end the routine with a mouth wash like Listerine!

Lamia Y.
I use it as a reminder to actually floss. I, too, have a wire behind 4 of my front teeth and I just don’t floss those teeth, but floss all others. I floss before I brush so if I do one I’ll do the other, hope this helps!

Alia W.
I personally have a floss and brush teeth habit so I do both. Depression can get in the way for sure, so having both reminders is nice. Plus, sometimes having a second box to check off makes me feel accomplished on really bad days.

Marta X.
Reminder to actually floss! I am bad about flossing and I know it’s important for gum health and general hygiene, so this definitely helps to keep reminding myself to do it.

Martha E.
I use both the floss and brush teeth reminder! Depression and adhd makes it difficult to brush and floss at night so I use to to remind me and also keep me accountable

Malte U.
I use the floss habit to encourage me to floss! I never liked using threaded floss, so now I actually enjoy using my WaterPik Water Flosser. It would be perfect for braces! If you do get one for yourself, I recommend trying to keep your lips closed around the Water Flosser “wand”… It might get messy if you don’t. Hope this help!

Jakob X.
I use the floss habit so that I have motivation to actually floss every night. I also have the wire behind my teeth that I got after I removed my braces so I usually feel lazy to floss, even though I should, which is why the habit helps push me to do it. Also I know how hard it can be to do day to day tasks when dealing with depression. I hope you can use this app to help take care of yourself <3

Michelle N.
I use the brush teeth reminder and the floss reminder. I have become very good at brushing my teeth twice a day, but I don't always floss when I brush. I carry my floss in my purse, on my nightstand, in my car, etc. because I prefer to floss after I eat. This way wherever I am I can just grab it and get on with whatever else I'm doing. Yes, I will floss in the car and I don't care who's watching. Lol. At least it's getting done and feels like less of a chore. I had braces too. I know it makes it harder, but it's an obstacle worth overcoming. Whenever I feel like brushing or flossing is a pain I remind myself that I plan on having my teeth forever! No dentures for this girl! Hope this helps. Stay Fabulous!

Marie C.
Mine would be the latter part. I reminded to floss whenever I brush my teeth. I am no American as well, I am from Asia and sadly not all of us have that flossing habit like our western counterparts. But it is never too late to start now. I am almost 30years old and I still struggle with brushing and flushing at times. Now I wish I have floss sooner at a very early age. As floss does help and completes the dental care maintenance other than brushing and mouthwash. I never had the chance to use any retainers or braces but I think I got the picture on how difficult it is to takecare of them. Especially when you have to do the double effort to take care what you put inside your mouth, it is not easy. However, if you ever feel like you want to skip the dental hygiene, just remember back why you started to have braces in the first place, to have a great smile! C= (I have my fair share beungbin a depression state and I know the feel to just lose yourself especially when taking care of our general health, but try not to, okay? The more you skip the more you fall into the abyss, by keeping up atleast 1 or 2 of our good habits such as flossing, we will be able to keep ourselves up from falling any deeper. All the best of luck! Brush, floss and mouthwash! And keep sharing that great smile of yours! 😁

Autumn N.
I use the “floss” reminder to brush my teeth and floss. I have braces as well so I don’t normally floss, instead I use something called a waterpick (I might have spelled it wrong) that’s basically flossing with water, and it makes it much easier and more efficient to get under the braces. It takes 1 minute at most while flossing with braces would take at least five for me.

Jodi Z.
I’ve been awful at flossing and I really need to go back to the dentist (it’s been a few years) so I use the floss habit to actually floss every night.

Isabel Z.
I am American, and I definitely do not floss like I should! 😅 I use the floss reminder for brushing my teeth and flossing. It has seemed to help by just making it a part of my morning routine. I have found we cannot be too hard on ourselves either. If you forgot to brush your teeth this morning, brush this evening after dinner. If you forgot to to brush your teeth at night, tomorrow is a new day! Maybe right yourself a note why you want to brush your teeth too and put it where you can read it everyday! 🙂

ɪᴠᴡᴀɴᴀɴᴊɪ ɴᴀᴍᴡɪʟᴀ N.
I use the floss habit to remind me to brush my teeth before going to bed because to be honest most of the times i forget to brush my teeth before going to bed.

Baptiste Q.
I use the reminder to floss. I've set up another to remind me to brush. I suffer from depression too, so it is a struggle to take care of hygiene most of the time.

Sacha F.
Well, remind yourself to brush your teeth and also a reminder to be disciplined in taking care of yourself. Once you are used to your routine, it will be natural as time goes by. You would feel that something missing and when you recheck everything, you forgot to brush your teeth. It would not be complete if something is missing in your routine.

Andrew O.
You can make a custom habit for you evening routine, name it "brush teeth".

One small step at a time, don't be hard on yourself and you'll build momentum. You got this!

Amy W.
I have an alarm to clock in and clock out for work. It would make sense if you’re struggling with brushing you’re teeth to use the same system to have an annoying alarm that makes you jump out of bed or off the couch so you get up and once you’re done with brushing you’re teeth you can successfully hit the snooze button on that alarm or timer or count down I’m your head for 5 seconds that you will get it done. Whatever works for you, I think the 5 second rule is gold. That 5 seconds is up, you should be up and brushing your teeth.

Cristina C.
Not American – but I understand how hard it is to take care of self when in depression. I have both the "brush your teeth" and "floss" habit in my morning routine. Breaking things down in the smallest possible step makes it easier for me to actually do things, otherwise it feels overwhelming. Also, I combine things that I would normally do anyway (brushing teeth) with others that I could do at the same time but would sometime skip (flossing). This makes it easier for me to actually change my behaviour and floss: I tick off brushing, then I think "ok just one other item on the list and I can achieve my goal". When I get this habit a bit more engrained, I add another, for example "morning skin care" – it's easier to think "ok I've brushed and flossed, I just need to put this cream on and I'm done!". I wouldn't be able to get there all in one go. Hope this helps!

Naomi Z.
I definitely use it for both, it helps me to remember to brush my teeth for a longer amount of time, then to floss. Sometimes I’ll even do my mouth wash but that’s a stretch 😉

Tacy P.
So my dentist once told
Me flossing is more important than brushing teeth. So I started with floss picks and in tight spaces between teeth I do floss. My gums are in good shape for a lady my age my dentist has recently informed me. So it’s a habit that seems to work! 🙂

Jetro S.
Mostly to take 2min before bed to check myself… I mean it takes two min but sometimes it feels like a burden to go to the bath and brush my teeth/floss .. but when I see 2 minutes on the screen and the reminder I feel.. ah yeah it's only 2min … I can do it..

Terri E.
My dentist reminded me to start flossing daily to prevent gum disease especially as I get older so when I saw that I could add this, I thought great! However, I added it to my evening ritual which I do when I am tired and so it rarely got done. When I moved it to the afternoon, I suddenly found I was able to get into the habit of flossing on most days. Hope that helps!

Carolyn X.
I brush and then floss immediately after so I just use the app to kick-start my night routine (medication, then brush, then floss) and tick it all off affer. If you can't use the thread you could use things like plastic dental picks or maybe a Waterpik. I totally understand the depression angle. I also suffer from depression and another chronic illness that makes me feel incredibly foggy, which is why the app is good for starting the whole routine. If I go in the same order every time it makes it easier to not forget anything. It's totally okay if sometimes it's too much for you though and you don't have the energy. Don't be too hard on yourself. Whatever you are able to do that night is better than nothing, and even if you don't have energy for any of it, you can always pick it up tomorrow. You're doing great.

Justine E.
I actually have the same issue! I had braces growing up and have permanent retainer wires behind my teeth as well top 4 and bottom 4. But the rest of my teeth are available to floss. I use this reminder to actually floss. It is hard but possible to still floss regardless of this issue. I use the flossers with the stick not the normal string floss. I find it easier to handle. I also have a reminder to brush my teeth because I understand all too well depression and just wanting to go to bed without doing a routine. I am trying to break those norms my body has by this app actually. So far I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, taken my medicine, and flossed for three days in a row! That may not seem like a lot but it is a huge milestone for me and for creating steady healthy habits. I believe in you keep pushing! I hope this helps 🙂

Claire R.
I use the reminder to floss and brush. Don’t feel bad about not flossing like people that aren’t your nationality 😊 everyone’s different. I had braces too about 4-5 years ago. I have autism, so reminders help me with personal hygiene. Have you heard of autism?

Brittney E.
I may answer this different than most. I struggle to remember to do either so I have separate reminders. If I see the flossers I will grab one regardless and if I am distracted and forget my teeth at that moment then I will remember as long as I don’t throw away the flosser. But if I brush first I won’t remember to floss until later usually. I’m sure that’s not how it’s supposed to be done but I’m proud of myself for doing either at all at this point. Best of luck to your goals of habits! And good on you for having braces. Im sure you’ll feel like it was all worth it when you look in the mirror and give a big smile. 😀

Rosa Z.
I'm from Brazil so idk like, here we brush our teeth every day 3 times(mosrning, evening, night )I've been depressed before and I know how hard is to keep and hygiene routine idk what to call but if you stay doing this it will end up beingand habit

Emma T.
yeah so I floss everyday. I use the floss reminder and the brush teeth reminder. just do your best to remember, you don't have to be heard on yourself!

Brett F.
I use the floss habit and the brush teeth habit to act as kind of double reminder, to do either or both. 🙂 I'm not American either by the way 😉 and have only been regularly flossing for a year or two, I love it. Have you tried the floss sticks that are available? I've heard they are good and come in different sizes. Best wishes with whatever you choose. 🙂

Malthe U.
I make separate reminders, one to brush and one to floss. Gives me more things to check off (more rewarding?). Plus, I can add a second brush reminder to a different part of my routine once the habit is set. I don’t have a bar, but my sister does. I’m pretty sure you can get pick flosser things to work around the bar.

Gilbert F.
I m not american either and I do use the floss reminder to brush and floss. I have struggled with looking after my personal hygiene at times but what I found useful I have formed a habit to have a shower in the evening and once I m in the shower I don't leave until I have showered,brushed and flossed my teeth ready for bed. Hope this helps.

Priyanshi A.
It depends on the type of body you have, how long you exercise (ex. 15min) and From your goal. I advise you to start from 1-2 days and then go to do 3-4 days

Adele C.
I’m English and I struggled to remember to floss. I bought some TePe Easypick Dental Picks for Daily Oral Hygiene from Amazon. They’re small that the tepe brushes and much cheaper. I only floss at night as instructed by dentist so I brush my teeth, jump into bed and floss whilst I watch a bit of tv before I go to sleep. Find the easiest, kindest ways to do the things you find difficult to do until it becomes a habit and gets easier. Be kind to yourself, always x

Nea X.
I'm not American i'm European but i use tge floss remainder to actually floss my teeth. Hope that helps. 🙂
Best wishes from Slovenia

Angela V.
I use it to actually floss. I used to use these fuzzy little pipe cleaner things that fit between my braces when I had them, but now that they’re off, and my teeth are straight, I can floss normally! 😁

Clara O.
i normally use it to remind me to floss and brush my teeth (who knows what’ll happen if i dont have it). i know what you mean with the retainer thing. try getting these floss loop things that you can basically have a string of floss through it and then go under the wire. the brand is plak smacker (dental floss threaders, i use the ultra thin ones) it is tedious but it works. good luck 🙂

Charissa N.
I use it to floss, my dentist says that it’s the most important thing to do to have healthy strong teeth as long as I live.

Sandra R.
I use a water pick most evenings to "floss" my teeth. No string to mess with.
I also rince my mouth with oil for 5 minutes most mornings before brushing to loosten the plack.
I too suffered from depression so self care who cared. My kids cared so I started taking care of my teeth for them. Today I do it for myself.

Lena X.
The last couple of months I actually floss due to some issues with my teeth. So I do both teeth brushing and also floss!

Daryl Ann S.
Well, I have a written habit tracker as well, and brushing and flossing is on the same line, so I make sure I put both on here as well. But I do also like to make a habit of actually flossing more, especially at night before bed.

Clara W.
Sometimes, I forget to floss but it’s okay. I don’t really have a floss habit but since I bought the floss things like you don’t have to roll them on your finger, I floss more. Even tho I don’t have braces, I know the feeling. Tell you that if you don’t take care of your buccal hygiene you will have a white square and the rest will be yellow.

Sara W.
Focus on using the reminder as you need it and getting to Flossing everyday. It take 66-264 days for something to stick. Also it will help if you do it at the same time everyday. You will be flossing everyday in no time! Good luck!🍀 😁

Ane Ka U.
Maybe more a reminder to actually floss.
I think it is even more important to floss when you have retainer braces.
I actually have them too, but it should still work if you’ll use it closer to the gums ^^ Hope i helped!

Elissa J.
By making a list of everything that has caught my eye while working. When I finish my task I usually have something to look forward to as a reward- reading a text from a friend etc.

Ritthy E.
I use the floss reminder so that I actually floss.then I’ll brush my teeth. I have it so I’ll floss first then brush. Most Americans forget to floss. Out of all my friends maybe 5 out of 100 will consistently floss! I understand what you are saying about your retainer metal thing in your mouth. I don’t use the thread stuff. It’s a product from a company called Oral B. It’s like a rubber flosser pick thing. It has mini rubber bristles and you run it between your teeth. Maybe something like that you could use?

Giselda Q.
I use it to remind me to floss, because I was not great at it before, but I am sure you can have it mean whatever you want it to mean. Depression is hard and I just focus on how good my mouth is going to feel if I remember to clean it.

Julie F.
I do a brush teeth habit and a floss habit. I've never been good at flossing, either. And I can empathize with mental health adding difficulty to personal hygiene… It makes the list of habits in you routine longer, but I find it most helpful to specify each step. That way I don't have to remember much on bad days. All I have to do is the next step and then be bolstered by the accomplishment that comes, seemingly out of nowhere. Also, try using the flosser pick things, or a flossing threading needle with the normal floss. My husband has a permanent retainer, too, so he uses the threader to get around it.

Everett C.
Just a reminder to actually floss but also just a reminder to start getting ready for bed. I also had a retainer brace on the back of my teeth. They actually have these plastic needle hooks that you string your floss through. So you can get behind the wire. Otherwise they have these brushy tooth picks you can use as well. Yeah dental care is big here. Haha But in either case regardless if you needed a reminder or not. Depression is hard to deal with. So be proud of all your accomplishments for the day and also be kind to yourself for the things you couldn't do.

Carl Heinz Z.
I use a Water-Pik flosser. I think it would work with braces and other dental appliances. It does a very thorough job of flossing, better than thread. You can buy one for under $50.

Lara S.
I’m not American but I do use the floss habit as a reminder to floss and I brush my teeth after so it works for both. Sometime ago I had difficulties with keeping up with my personal higiene too, I just try to remember that higiene and a healthy lifestyle are keeping my body working as I need I’m too! And you know what? After even a little accomplishment like floss and brushing my teeth I feel very productive and ready to face everything!

Christoffer Z.
As a reminder to buy floss for my floss habit because its a need for me, but that much time I let it away. For now I use it as reminder to brush my teeth. But in next days I ll actually floss.

Brayden U.
I put both the floss reminder as well as a brush teeth reminder so that On my days where I’m feeling a little less motivated, I’m less tempted to skip steps and say “close enough” and skip flossing (which I’ve definitely done many many times)

Chamaine F.
I do use the reminder for flossing. It is important, more important from what a dentist told me, than brushing because of the risk of gum disease. Gum disease can also affect cardiac health…weird but true. However, I don't know how you would floss with a retainer, I would ask your dentist. I floss in the shower as part of my routine – that's what worked for me. It has helped with my depression knowing I am loving myself in this small way. I hope my answer helps you.

Sam C.
Sorry mate I'm not American either 🙂 but yeah I actually brush my teeth, instead of normal brush you can use special brushes for your condition, or at least wash your mouth with salt water before bed to reduce the bad bacteria. I wish you find my answer helpful.

Morgan O.
i do use the floss habit to actually floss but i have the little plastic things that have the pick at the end and i dont have a retainer so it makes it easy for me. id suggest kinda flossing the front of the teeth at an angle so you can reach the front of the gums since the metal stops you from flossing the back. and then poking between your gums under the wire with the flosser pick and wiping off the end on a square of toilet paper. also you could scrape off any visible plaque with the pick. if youre skipping the floss entirely, just make sure to brush really thoroughly and scrub up under that wire really well and use a bacteria killing mouthwash once every 1-3 days. using mouthwash after every time you brush is actually bad for your teeth. hope this helps!

Ana T.
use the ‘brush your teeth’ habit option instead. and build that habit. then when you feel happy with your progress add in flossing as a new daily habit. good luck!!

Sara S.
I do use it to floss as there is the brush your teeth habit as well. I also have the permanent behind the teeth braces. I used to use plastic threaded to do it, but now I have a little plastic brush that I use to get in between the gums and the teeth without using the threader. I got it for Christmas so I would suggest looking for it on the internet

Catalina V.
I definitely don’t floss EVERY night. The nights I don’t floss I’ll make sure I brush my tongue well or use mouth wash. Sometimes I use it as a reminder to take care of myself in any way – facial scrub, face mask, lotion my feet or whatever. Just a reminder to do ONE thing for myself and my hygiene:) hope this helps.

Oda U.
I use it just as a reminder to wash my teeth before sleeping. And I do that in the morning as well, so I can say that you should set two reminders. And also, no matter having a depresson or not, taking care of you body is the main thing in the day that may actually help you through that depression.. 😊

Stephanie D.
To actually Floss. Sometimes it's much easier to just brush and run. Reminding myself to Floss also ensures oral hygiene is performed top notch.

Peter J.
I'm not American, but I use the brush your teeth habit to remind me of both of them. I was struggling with depression as well and my higiene habits were kinda off, and I was never one to floss even before depression, but I'm making through it now. I chose the brush your teeth habit because it seemed to be more embracing of the whole routine.

Matt Z.
I actually use it for both teeth brushing and flossing but I struggled to use a string of floss. I have a Reach brand handled glosser that makes it so much more convenient so it makes flossing like brushing my teeth. Flossing has been tied to good heart health and so I want to make sure I have that.

I have not always had the best dental hygiene and it cost me a lot of money to fix my teeth. Now that I am older, I am focused on my self improvement and the flossing and brushing has made a tremendous difference.

Dimitris Z.
Hey! I have it as a reminder to actually floss. I am from Europe and I think I never actually flossed until now with fabulous. I hope you feel better friend! Stick with fabulous, it seems like it could help you.

Sofie X.
Hey stranger, I hope u become a cheerful happy person. Now I actually dont use the floss habit to remind me, but to just check it after i do it as an accomblishment. I floss everyday before going to bed and brushing my teeth beacuse i study in dental field and I am well acknowledged by the complications of not taking care of the oral hygine.

Sarah Y.
I have 2 reminders – one for brushing and then one for flossing 🙂 maybe try making flossing a bit more fun by using a water pick, which would also work with braces! Don’t worry it will soon become a habit, good job for taking the steps to care for yourself.

Adina Y.
Hi, thank you for your question. I need the reminder to floss only. I have one of those Waterpik floss machines and it makes the task less daunting. So maybe that would be a good choice for you…some are pricey and some are reasonable. I have a real basic one. Oh and I asked for it for my bday so I knew I would get it and not worry buying it myself.
With the pandemic and restrictions I think we all have abandoned certain hygienic rituals. Don’t be down on yourself for it. When you wake up and “release” yourself while your in there just go and brush and be done. Now evening brushing I’m still work in progress myself 🙂
As you go thru your journey I hope your depressions lessons for you and more light shines inside you.

Zhafira N.
Hiya there, how r u? I see that you’re interested of why I added the floss routine here. Sometimes I forgot to floss/brush my teeth here in the morning ( coz of one thing and another) and I’d like to give it a shot when I saw the “floss habit” here. I’ve always wanted to maintain a good dental health 🙏 I don’t floss using the thread very much but I use that reminder for me to brush my teeth in the mornings.

From your text I see that you’re currently wearing a wire/braces thingy, if it’s hard for u to floss, perhaps u should brush it regularly and use mouthwash to remove any food particles that are stuck in your wire/braces.

I hope that helps!
Have a nice day 🙌

Charlotte U.
Just saying in america we dont and we juet lie to our dentists 😁 but on some flossers theres a little poker at the end of it, and that works when you have braces🙂

Ayanna Y.
I use it as a reminder to floss since I brush my teeth before bed and since I’m tired, want to get my routine over quickly and usually forget to floss. I used to have braces and I would loop the floss under them and do it that way. It is a bit harder and takes dedication so this reminder definitely would have helped me back then. This app also has a separate reminder for brushing your teeth so you could use both if you need to!

Sofia W.
Reminder to actually floss. There are reportedly many health particularly heart health benefits, so I’m using the reminders to keep myself honest

Oliver U.
For me, I use it as both a reminder to brush and to floss! I am not very good with my flossing habits, even as an American (I still bleed and miss many days, not sure many in the states floss as much as you think lol) but I know that I am able to get up and try again whenever I can. I like to keep flossers at my desk for something to do while I'm on my computer. I've also got a permanent retainer like you do, and I've found that the pick-style flossers or Oral-B Super Floss (made for permanent retainers) works best to get between the grooves. Something I like to follow when my ADHD, executive dysfunction disorder, and Depression get to me is the 2-minute rule: if I can do something within 2 minutes, I may as well, since those 2 minutes would've been spent scrolling or wasting my time on my phone vs. just doing the task I can't stop thinking about. I hope this helps!!

Andree X.
I use the floss habit as a reminder/inspiration to actually floss – I'm really bad at doing it regularly. I'm not American so maybe that's why, heh! #europian

I had braces so I know the struggle. Just do the best you can at the moment, don't stress too much about flossing.
I hope you are coping with your depression, and I wish everything good for you. I used to struggle with body image problems and occasional depression but luckily got out of the pit. Just wishing you all the best ♥️

Rea Y.
hi. if it makes you feel any better…most North Americans don't floss lol. dentists are constantly scolding us. if you use the floss reminder as a reminder to brush your teeth, that's amazing. sometimes we just need a push to even just brush our teeth. I use it as a reminder to floss because I brush my teeth everyday (I get nasty breath and taste in my mouth if I don't). like you, I can't use the thread to floss, and to be honest, the thread is less convenient and more time consuming. if you can find some, there are flossing sticks that can help you floss despite the wire. mine are little green sticks that I poke between my teeth. at this point though, it sounds like the priority is really just caring for your mental health, and getting in a habit of brushing your teeth. step by step 🙂 and remember it's ok to have good and bad days. best of luck.

Priyanshi A.
Flossing should actually not be done more than 3 times a week . So I actually brush lightly and hey I'm someone with anxiety 🙃

Dylan Z.
I use the floss habit as a reminder to brush my teeth. I think it's helpful for being like this because sometimes when you're not too motivated you need little reminders for the things you need to do in the day

Moriel F.
Hi! I have a dental routine, so I floss, brush , and use mouthwash every morning. And at night, I just floss and brush for 2 minutes each. Are you able to remove your retainer so you can floss? And maybe try asking your dentist/orthodontist how to floss properly . (:

Gaetano Q.
I use it as a reminder to actually floss, I'm also not american, but I've been trying to pick up the habit because I myself have pretty bad depression, I try to take a bit of time working on my personal hygiene because it's a small thing that tends to take little time and it helps me feel a lot better about myself.
You don't need to floss if you don't have the energy, but taking even a bit of time to groom yourself everyday will help a lot, at least that's been my experience as a fellow person struggling with depression.
No matter what, I hope you know I'm proud of you (yes, even if I don't know you) for trying every day and I hope you keep going! I certainly admire you and wish you all the best.
Downloading this app has been a small step towards recovery for me, and I really hope it does the same for you.

Frida Q.
If you get a floss threader you can thread the floss through it like a needle ( it is thin flexible plastic) and you can use that to thread between the tooth and wire. 🙂

Mia F.
I personally use the floss habit as a reminder to floss, but I just started getting good at flossing!! Also if you did not know, there is a brush your teeth habit!❤️

Lim M.
Hey, I'm the same as you when I started out, sometimes avoiding to shower or brush for a whole day (I live near the equator and need to bath everyday). I also set reminders to shower and brush, and they've been working for me. I've had retainer braces too but they gave me this special brush to brush my retainers, and I didn't floss when I had braces.

Yes I set the floss reminder to actually floss. Personally I have gum inflammation whether I brush once or twice for some reason, so I'm probably a lot motivated to floss. It's good to floss at night since flossing is to get out food stuck between your teeth before you go to sleep and let bacteria fester for 8 straight hours.

Asta B.
I only use it as a reminder to floss since I am not American)) but I am good with brushing my teeth. Especially after I got electric toothbrush, I just need to stick it in my mouth and let it do it’s job. The teeth after using it are so smooth, it’s addictive. Maybe that will help!! Good luck!!

Nicole T.
I use it for flossing actually, I put both flossing and brush has a reminder.
(Been there in the depression dont let your motivation go down what pull the trough was reading some Jim Rhon and Ralth Waldo Emerson and the book the richest men in Babylon.
life is hard but very much worth it)
Know that we all love you and in you there is a unique being and the world would be less without you.

Reinhold U.
I use it as a reminder to floss but if you're depressed. I feel this may help push you to do something you normally wouldn't when you're down. Such as brushing your teeth or flossing. I hope you get through what you have going on live you're life to the fullest you deserve it.

Vicky C.
I'm not American either, I'm in fact Italian. I use the floss reminder to actually floss and I use a specific type of floss for retainer behind my teeth (I think you have the same, my dentist put it on as soon as I took off my braces and kept them since) Keep going to build your habits! You've got this 🙂