do you use the floss habit as a reminder to brush your teeth or a reminder to actually floss? i’m not american (i know you guys floss like no other and i wish i was like that) and i have these retainer braces?things? like just a wire behind my teeth and cant use the thread ((and also depression which means struggling to take care of personal hygiene at times so i need reminders to brush my teeth…))

Cynthia N.
I believe there is a brush your teeth reminder. I use the floss one to either use my water flosser. Or lately it's been my reminder to do oil pulling before brushing my teeth.

Daniela Y.
I honestly have a bad habit of forgetting to floss which is why I put it down as a habit so that I don’t forget.I understand that depression takes a really big toll on people and can make people struggle with a lot of stuff that they need to do for themselves. With the braces you might wanna see if there’s any ways you can make it work and there could also be some sort of floss for people with braces so you can try those out too.

Ricardo S.
Im not american but i use it to floss and i have a brush your teeth reminder too. I struggle with severe anxiety and depression too, so i know how it feels to not be able to take care of yourself. I just started using fabulous and its been helping the past few days

Gabriel G.
I'm not an American, but yeah, usually I try my best to keep the flossing in the teeth washing habit, like do it one after another and after a while it becomes like something you can't finish the teeth brushing without flossing. And about the braces, do as much as you can. Depression? I got that covered too, try your best to maintain your habit, if you don't do it à day or two it's okay, just try your best the third day to do it. It helps your morale to boost itself with some positive vibe. Stay awesome and ask away if you have any other questions!

Martha E.
I use both the floss and brush teeth reminder! Depression and adhd makes it difficult to brush and floss at night so I use to to remind me and also keep me accountable

Claire R.
I use the reminder to floss and brush. Don’t feel bad about not flossing like people that aren’t your nationality 😊 everyone’s different. I had braces too about 4-5 years ago. I have autism, so reminders help me with personal hygiene. Have you heard of autism?

Rosa Z.
I'm from Brazil so idk like, here we brush our teeth every day 3 times(mosrning, evening, night )I've been depressed before and I know how hard is to keep and hygiene routine idk what to call but if you stay doing this it will end up beingand habit

Malthe U.
I make separate reminders, one to brush and one to floss. Gives me more things to check off (more rewarding?). Plus, I can add a second brush reminder to a different part of my routine once the habit is set. I don’t have a bar, but my sister does. I’m pretty sure you can get pick flosser things to work around the bar.

Sara W.
Focus on using the reminder as you need it and getting to Flossing everyday. It take 66-264 days for something to stick. Also it will help if you do it at the same time everyday. You will be flossing everyday in no time! Good luck!🍀 😁

Christoffer Z.
As a reminder to buy floss for my floss habit because its a need for me, but that much time I let it away. For now I use it as reminder to brush my teeth. But in next days I ll actually floss.

Morgan O.
i do use the floss habit to actually floss but i have the little plastic things that have the pick at the end and i dont have a retainer so it makes it easy for me. id suggest kinda flossing the front of the teeth at an angle so you can reach the front of the gums since the metal stops you from flossing the back. and then poking between your gums under the wire with the flosser pick and wiping off the end on a square of toilet paper. also you could scrape off any visible plaque with the pick. if youre skipping the floss entirely, just make sure to brush really thoroughly and scrub up under that wire really well and use a bacteria killing mouthwash once every 1-3 days. using mouthwash after every time you brush is actually bad for your teeth. hope this helps!

Oda U.
I use it just as a reminder to wash my teeth before sleeping. And I do that in the morning as well, so I can say that you should set two reminders. And also, no matter having a depresson or not, taking care of you body is the main thing in the day that may actually help you through that depression.. 😊

Adina Y.
Hi, thank you for your question. I need the reminder to floss only. I have one of those Waterpik floss machines and it makes the task less daunting. So maybe that would be a good choice for you…some are pricey and some are reasonable. I have a real basic one. Oh and I asked for it for my bday so I knew I would get it and not worry buying it myself.
With the pandemic and restrictions I think we all have abandoned certain hygienic rituals. Don’t be down on yourself for it. When you wake up and “release” yourself while your in there just go and brush and be done. Now evening brushing I’m still work in progress myself 🙂
As you go thru your journey I hope your depressions lessons for you and more light shines inside you.

Maddy E.
U can use a water pick flosser. I have braces too, I have the travel size. Also, there are these things called Christmas tree brushes. Ask ur dental hygienist about them.

Belana O.
Preatty much both
I jse this habbit to remind me of preatty all that has to do with teeth care
I have preatty big depression to and it got me thinking
Actually i dont did things like brush teeth couse of no motivation thats why i got thid app

Sacha F.
Well, remind yourself to brush your teeth and also a reminder to be disciplined in taking care of yourself. Once you are used to your routine, it will be natural as time goes by. You would feel that something missing and when you recheck everything, you forgot to brush your teeth. It would not be complete if something is missing in your routine.

Nea X.
I'm not American i'm European but i use tge floss remainder to actually floss my teeth. Hope that helps. 🙂
Best wishes from Slovenia

Charlotte U.
Just saying in america we dont and we juet lie to our dentists 😁 but on some flossers theres a little poker at the end of it, and that works when you have braces🙂

Asta B.
I only use it as a reminder to floss since I am not American)) but I am good with brushing my teeth. Especially after I got electric toothbrush, I just need to stick it in my mouth and let it do it’s job. The teeth after using it are so smooth, it’s addictive. Maybe that will help!! Good luck!!