What technique or tools are best? I’ve had recommendations from different dentists for floss thread, toothpicks and micro-brushes, and now I am confused.

Noah Z.
I like floss thread simply because it is fastest to use for me. The fact that you’re flossing is the most important thing, so I don’t think the technique matters too much. Test out different methods and see what you like the most as it should be something you are happy to do every single day.
Clarence J.
I have used all three. It is about what is best for you. When you are flossing with tape or thread, make sure you get right into the cracks of the teeth, but be gentle when you floss as you don’t want to damage your gums. Micro brushes are an interesting method, but they are not as good at getting right in between the teeth. Toothpicks are better when you’ve just eaten, rather than cleaning your teeth. I would also recommend an air flosser or a waterpick flosser. Both are equally good with minimal intrusion.
Amandine Y.
I have tried all three and use them all, depending on the situation. I brush my teeth and floss twice daily.

If I am on the road, at a restaurant for example, and something is stuck in my teeth, then I will use a toothpick if one is available.

I also have some micro brushes in my bag. I tend to use those if there is more to deal with than a toothpick will handle and I do not have floss available or it would not be appropriate to use in public.

Albina O.
The first place I would go for a recommendation is the professional that I have trusted with the care of my dental and oral health. If no special tool is necessary for your circumstances then choose the one that suits you best. I have dry mouth so I get food caught everywhere. For this reason, I use microfiber brushes between my teeth first, then I brush for 2-3 minutes, and then I floss. I do that because it gives me the fresh clean results that I want. I can smile with confidence and my teeth and mouth feel clean to me.
Courtney F.
Floss thread is the best. It cleans your teeth just as you need them to be cleaned a toothpick doesn’t do the trick! I don’t know what micro brushes are so floss picks!!!
Christopher U.
I just stick to floss thread but I’m no expert 🤷‍♂️. I think you’re supposed to floss, rinse with mouthwash and then brush though as mouthwash after brushing gets rid of all of the benefit of the fluoride in the toothpaste.