What is the healthiest way to floss and how often should you floss in a day and are the little flossers a healthy choice?

Ken P.
I think the healthiest way is whatever way is the easiest way to get you to do it. Flossing any way I think is better than not doing it.

In our house I floss before brushing bc I want to clear all areas so my brush can do is job. My wife flosses after brushing because that makes sense to her. I've read that both are okay as long as you floss.

I don't like morning breath so I brush and floss during my morning routine. Even if I still need to eat breakfast. I also brush/floss at bedtime.

I've read that brushing and flossing can help prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease bc it clears out bacteria. I also brush more when I'm getting a cold bc I think it reduces the number of germs that can multiply.

I occasionally use the little picks when they are available. I would use them more. I learned a lot when I decided to start taking care of my teeth.