Flossing is such a chore to me. How can I change my thoughts towards doing it?

Eva Z.
Think of your dreams and goals while you floss. Think of all your successes and every good thing that happened to you that day while you floss 🙂
Roswita G.
There are a multitude of factors in flossing. Now, new evidence connects your brain and flossing. A recent study revealed that gum disease is a big risk factor for Alzheimer's and memory glitches. The researchers found that gum inflammation makes your risk for thinking snafus nine times higher than normal.

It helps your heart. Flossing reduces plaque, the sticky film that collects at the gumline as a result of eating. … Without flossing and regular dental cleaning visits, periodontal disease may cause early tooth loss. It is also directly linked to chronic systemic illnesses such as low birth weight babies, diabetes and heart disease.
Just a few reasons to floss your teeth daily.🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

Jesus B.
Flossing became obsessive to me after I heard the following: “brush the teeth you have, floss the ones you want to keep.”
Julia Y.
I can understand the challenge. I've added flossing to my morning routine, and when I conceptualized how short 3 minutes are, I have to be rational with myself about the true level of effort required versus the benefits. Many of my family members haven't cared for their teeth, and I can observe the declining conditions over time. I know I want better health for myself.

So I remind myself of three things:

1. I want to keep as many of my teeth as possible.
2. When I don't floss that means there are organisms lodged between my teeth; some are decaying, while others are multiplying. So I become their host. Is that what I really want?
3. Bacteria from my mouth can spread into my bloodstream if I don't help remove it by flossing.

So now after I complete the floss habit in Fabulous, "celebration" is the next step in the routine. I do a dance in the mirror, and stick out a "naa-naa-nee-boo-boo…Ha! I made it through! I flossed again!" tongue at my shadow self that tells me, "I don't have time", "This is such a chore", or "I can skip it this time."

While not perfect, with the habit reminders, I've managed to get it done more and more consistently. They really reinforce my mindset that I should be proud of myself for for standing up for my body, my health, and my belief that I can develop new habits.

I think many of us are using this app to support learning to honor ourselves with the highest respect as a habit, Flossing is just one of the choices we can make to get there!

I hope you're able to create a new mindset that makes it easier. 💜

Lara B.
I have never been a “floss-er” but for now what has made it really stick is that it directly into my main goal of living longer. If it is simply something you must do then I don’t think you are as likely to stick with it as you would be if it feeds directly into a larger goal. Also, set a timer and do it for 1-3 (mine is 3) minutes. After that you can quit even if you are not done. After a week increase the time until you complete the task. You may not like flossing but it is just for 1 minute. You can do that. I should note that it never takes me more than 3 minutes.
Etiene Q.
I like to think that my smile will be powerful enough to make other people happy, therefore I try to take care of my teeth as much as possible, including flossing.
Rosana Q.
sorry for my English first.. anyway, the same was for me. It is the floss itself which is boring..then, once I had a gum issue and the dentist gave me little colourful brushes of different sizes, and I love them!
The result is the same but quicker and simpler!
Now I just cannot stay without using them.
Catherine X.
It feels cleaner not to have food in between your teeth as brushing only doesn’t take it all away. The food stuck will create plaque and bad smell
Jackie Q.
It was for me too! I put a bunch of flossers in a cute container and put it in my bedside table. When I get my evening routine notifications I don’t even have to leave bed to floss 🙂
Selmo E.
I use the floss picks instead of the string floss. So I just pick each tooth and then I brush and use mouthwash afterward. It’s a chore, but I hate the dentist and would much rather pay closer attention to my teeth than pay exorbitant amounts of money to have my mouth tortured ;p
Kathy J.
This may not be the most “positive” of answers but I was once told that neglecting to floss your teeth is as bad as not brushing your teeth. Whether or not that’s true, I never bothered to figure out because it motivates me to floss. That and I also like not bleeding all over the dentist when I go in for a cleaning. Lol!
T O T.
Link it to something meaningful to you. Like kissing your SO or your kids without worring about your bad breath 😷 . Create a strong association between flossing and these meaningful/ enjoyable activities.
Jayden F.
If flossing is really a chore I would guess that it is relatively less useful for you. I need to floss after I eat or the food stuck between my teeth feels quite uncomfortable. Maybe your teeth fit well enough that this isn’t your issue, so then don’t stress on it and be happy with your great fitting teeth.
Asta Z.
It is a chore, but I know it’s good for me. The way I look at it – the more I floss, the better I am taking care of myself. So many people don’t have access to dental care – so it’s also a privilege to be able to have access to the knowledge and the products to take care of my health. It only takes a few minutes. If I’m really not in the mood, I’ll put on a face mask and floss while I’m waiting until I can take it off.
Alan E.
To be honest, I still find it a chore so I only do it at night instead of twice a day. If I do it at night I feel that it’s really doing something, removing all the lodged in food from that day. My teeth feel much better and cleaner (but that may be to do with the fact that I think I’m cleaning better now that I’m flossing) and I’m not dreading my next trip to the dentists so much! I feel much more confident with my smile now than I did before. Making it part of my routine has helped. It’s just something I do now, rather than something I need to motivate myself to do.
Rosa C.
You don’t want to infect or block areas of your brain. Many illnesses and headaches come from a mouth in distress. Every 6 month your gums should get deep cleaning if you don’t floss. If you floss once a year deep cleaning. Grinding teeth at night doesn’t come up only for stress but for aches somewhere in your roots. Do not use peroxide’s or strong toothpaste that will waste away the enamel. Then your teeth will become sensitive without the enamel and to recover your teeth with a cosmetic enamel will cost you thousands of dollars. If one of your teeth gets skinny without enamel al your other teeth will lose the natural perfect formation and will start getting twisted. A non perfect bite will look horrible in anyone’s mouth. When we speak is refreshing to see straight teeth but crooked teeth. It will show to the world how much we care about us. Good bite avoids wrinkles on your face. Nice face expressions is a happy face without pain. So, begin flossing and brushing your teeth after eating.
Janet Z.
Try flossing very quickly, not worrying about doing the most thorough job, but instead, doing it regularly. That regularity over time, even if you’re doing a speedy job, will benefit your gums and give you healthier teeth!
Joel U.
Start of doing only a few teeth – you’ll realize it doesn’t take much time, energy, or resources, and that the benefit outweighs the cost of feeling bad all day for not accomplishing it
Keith G.
Just pair it with brushing your teeth like you can't do one with out the other. I have learned that figuring out what too use for yourself makes it easier too. Like some people like the traditional long strings and others like the short sticks. Really try to hold yourself accountable.
Lucas A.
It took me a long time of telling my higenist, husband, and self that I was going to start flossing – as in many man years- before I finally did it. Flossing is so simple and to me it seemed like a huge life change and commitment. I often find myself really mulling over lifestyle changes for a significantly long time before finally making the step to change. Now that I’ve started flossing, I intellectually know the benefits of continuing and rationally knownit takes very little time – but even more than both of those things, I can FEEL the difference in cleanliness in my mouth after flossing and that’s the most motivational of all.
Maja W.
There is a product out there that is a handle with a replaceable tiny pre-strung with floss, horseshoe, on a toothbrush type handle. The head is both disposable and replaceable. One head last forever and it’s easier than the brushing part! https://images.app.goo.gl/rqVTXNmMWyxJx3Lv7
Chris Z.
1. start small, use the portable flosser and do a few teeth because few better than none and it starts the habit process
2. Soon you will get faster and you will feel weird if you don’t floss the other teeth and you add in a few more
Same Z.
It hit me for certain knowledge of my teeth when I visit my dentist for the first time in my life. I was 26 years old and I was told by the doctor that I need to pay attention to my teeth. I also got teeth fixed and cleaned that time. After that, I floss and brush my teeth 95% of the time and visit dentist twice a year for regular cleaning.

Interestingly, I used to have bad dreams of teeth falling off and I would feel horrible when I waked up. Since I started taking care of it, I don’t have that type of Dream now.

T O O.
One way that I look at flossing is to think about it as if you are putting the finishing touches on some project that you care about, you would not leave a project half done that you have worked so hard to maintain so why not think of your teeth in the same way.
Emma O.
Instead of a chore, think of it as a long-term investment in your dental health. 1-2 minutes a day flossing gives you healthy gums and healthier teeth. It saves on dentistry bills down the line and saves your teeth so you don’t need to replace them.
Gladys P.
changing your thoughts can be as simple as just remembering that it's going to cost you more money to get. Teeth and more pain to get false teeth then it cost you in remembering to take a minute or two to floss. It's always easiest to start a new habit small. If you don't floss it all and start by saying every Sunday I'm going to floss do that for a while then add Mondays and then Tuesdays and so forth until pretty soon you're flossing 7 days a week
Noah Y.
I’ve always brushed morning and evening so now I just pair flossing with it; pairing a new habit with an established habit helps me. I use those little piks because I don’t like using floss. And I think about how great it makes my mouth feel!