How do you feel after you’ve completed your Floss habit for the day/night?

Anick E.
I have mixed emotions. I'm glad to be taking better care of myself again. I used to pride myself on how well I took care of my teeth. Now that I can't afford regular dental checks and I lost a filling, I lost my give a hoot. Now my gums bleed everytime and feel sore and swollen after flossing. It's not encouraging, but I know in the long run it's the right choice for a healthy me.
Sebastian Z.
A little background first, I never flossed. I’ve been going to the same dentist almost all my life and every time they checked my teeth I’d feel shame. I knew I should floss, been told to floss, and seen what a lack of flossing would cause. I didn’t care. This app lets me set a time to floss and I can get a picture of how a small thing can make me better. I don’t feel shame if I missed it I know there’s no judgment here just people saying be a better you, if not right now we’ll get there.
Aliana Q.
I feel clean. I have never flossed much, even as a kid. When I stick to this routine, I feel ready for bed and so accomplished and done with the day
Mia Z.
I feel like that was it, that didn’t take too much time or effort, and I feel so accomplished in myself for take care of myself. I am prolonging the health of myself and my teeth. I am in control of my well-being and I have all the power to make a difference in my own life.